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Yogi Ferrell is reportedly ‘picking up traction’ in free agency

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It sounds like Yogi Ferrell will still have a place in the NBA next season.

Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

With De’Aaron Fox, Cory Joseph and Tyrese Haliburton under contract for next season, the Sacramento Kings probably aren’t making Yogi Ferrell a priority in free agency, especially after the season he just had. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other teams interested in the 27-year-old guard.

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Ferrell is among the point guards that teams have expressed interest in as rosters are nearing their maximum capacity across the league.

Ferrell averaged 4.4 points per game on 42% shooting from the field, including 30.4% shooting from behind the arc, in 50 appearances with the Kings last season. He also averaged 1.4 assists and a rebound per game while averaging a career-low 10.6 minutes per game. Those numbers aren’t going to get him a big deal on the open market.

That being said, Ferrell is a perfectly servicable third string point guard in the right situation, as he showed in his first season with the Kings, and the season before that with the Dallas Mavericks. Even if he doesn’t end up moving the needle for another team on the court, he’s a great guy to have in the locker room, and in the community.

In May, Ferrell donated meals and ice cream to the Sacramento Children’s Home with the help of local restaurants El Novillero, Happy Takeout, Pangaea Bier Café and Roma’s Pizzeria. Häagen-Dazs provided the ice cream.

Ferrell’s absence won’t be felt on the basketball court if he leaves,, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be missed — he will, and whichever team ends up with him will be lucky to have him.