Just playing with Salary and Players (Bored) did I find a plan?

I had time to kill so was just looking at what the FO has done. I was like let's (Kings) do something: show me a plan, a vision, anything. So this is what I found. It starts with the draft. Drafting the next best was Haliburton (some felt he should of been gone before us, but he was not and the Kings drafted him). They also drafted Ramsey and Woodard, the Kings also traded some second picks around and landed some cash and put off a pick to a later date. We all know this, and the media gave the FO an "A" for draft night.

The Bogdanovic (Bogi) trade was screwed up by the Bucks from the best that I have found from the media. At some meeting Monday, the Bucks' Rep. was bragging about their deals before they were finished, a team filed a complaint. Bogi had not signed off on the deal so I'm sure his agent told him what to say to save him from a fine. To hot to touch now. Somehow the Kings were not burnt to ashes by the media on this one.

Not matching the Hawks deal for Bogi. The Hawks wrote an offer that would have just screwed the Kings for four years, that 15% trade clause and player option. Food for thought, the year before the Kings picked Dedmon from the Hawks and then traded him back to them with his new bigger salary, and they waived him this season. Maybe a little of (BS) in writing Bogi offer, to get even. Either way the Kings got nothing for Bogi (not good), but they don't have to pay $18m for his services.

Fox's deal was going to get done so just do it and move on. The Kings did.

But here is where I found some sort of interesting moves and maybe a plan.

Bogdanovic ($18m) became Haliburton for I think $3.6m start rookie contract for 4 years?

Giles ($1.6m) became Whiteside for ($1.6m) 1 year deal

Len ($2.3m) became Kaminsky for ($1.6m) 1 year deal

Bazemore (Signed for $2.3m but wanted more from the Kings) became Jeffries for ($1.6m for 2 years)

Ferrell (unsigned so far) became Ramsey for something around ($1m) start rookie contract for 4 years?

Brewer (retired to coach) became Woodard, Metu, Edwards camp deals, and maybe Robinson for I bet 1 spot on the bench at ($1m) maybe more for Robinson

Guy is on year 2 of his two way contract.

The second two way is open, I would bet the runner up in the Woodard, Metu, Edwards race gets it.

James is still on the team not traded as filler so the Kings can keep developing him.

I met Giles at a game his first year, nice kid. Sorry to see a developing player leave, but not this FO's move.

I heard that Monte's office wanted young players to grow around Fox; they seem to have moved that way. It also looks like they traded costly players for short-term low-cost players as well.

Find a trade partner for Hield, not because of his play, but from his media persona and coach killer mentality, I can't say what his locker room attitude is, but a guy that doesn't want to be with the Kings can't be good. Every team I have been on, a guy like that holds the team back. Yes babygiraffe, they all will be traded in this plan.

In a pandemic year of the NBA, staying below the cap with short-term contracts and younger players finding their way together is not that bad. The West is stacked with good, but older players. Playoffs is a dream, just a winning season and keep making moves that make since under this plan just might make this crappy year better.

There is so much negative out there about the Kings. (Richard Jefferson) if you read this do as my mother told me, "if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything." If you think I am wrong, then state your case in the comments. I would love to read them. Let's move forward about the Kings; we all know the past very well.

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