Player minutes per game

We know there are 48 min per position, here are my "want" and "likely to happen" scenarios.


PG: Fox 33, Hali 15

SG: Buddy 30, Hali 8, James 8, Jefferies 2

SF: Barnes 18, Robinson 15, Woodard 7, James 4, Jefferies 4

PF: Bagley 25, Barnes 7, Woodard 8, Kaminsky 8

C: Holmes 25, Whiteside 15, Bagley 5, Kaminsky 3


PG: Fox 32, Cojo 12, Hali 4

SG: Buddy 30, Hali 15, Jefferies 3

SF: Barnes 20, Robinson 15, James 7, Jefferies 6

PF: Bagley 25, Belly 15, Barnes 8

C: Whiteside 20, Holmes 20, Kaminsky 8

What do you think about the different minutes lists? What would you like to see differently in the first one, how accurate do you think the second one is? Seeing the youth play this season in an up tempo style would not only be fun to watch, but I think it gives a young team the best chance at being competitive.

The vets on the team could be good enough to get us into the mid 30s in wins pretty easily, just don't think that helps us with player development or draft picks.


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