Should the Kings make a bold move?

Looking around the league, other teams are making moves to become a top team for years to come. Some teams are falling apart (Rockets) or a rebuild. I feel the Kings need to move at a faster pace than they are. I am not talking playoffs this year or game pace, but in team players. I am not going into it again about Buddy, but he is the best player to trade and move at a faster rebuilding pace. So here is what I am thinking and would like to here some other ideas.

The FO is wanting younger players. How about a 25 year old who might want a change of scenery? Yes, we would have to pay him $29.5M to $35M in year three, but Buddy's $24M and Bjelica $7.2M expiring with a draft pick kicker (protected 1 or combo of #2's) to sweeten the deal for Karl Anthony Towns. With what the FO did with Fox for 6 years, that would give two key pieces that are young to build on and locked up for three years.

I know this is a reach, but I feel a bold move like this is what will move the Kings out of the high lottery picks and missing the playoff into a playoff team for a few years.

Can you think of another player like this who would do the same for the Kings? Just getting a draft pick and a role player for Buddy is not going to move the needle for at least three years. Right now we have young players on lower cost salaries and would have room for a contract that size for a cornerstone young player.

I see the young guys growing to good players, but they are not going to move the needle far enough to change the future much. A proven star player is needed.

What do you think?

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