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The Last Mailbag: Anything Goes

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It’s been a blast, my friends.

Dallas Mavericks v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

In about six weeks, Sactown Royalty will be ripped from the hands of the staff members here, the very people who have spent years and years building up this beautiful, slightly angry, slightly drunk brand. All of our contracts will be terminated as of March 31st, but to make things even more difficult, a 35 submission post has been forced on every California-based writer, hence the lower site production overall and the lack of mailbags in recent weeks. From a purely strategic standpoint, posting a request for questions and then actually answering those queries was going to take up two of Will’s posts each week (I’m in Arizona, so I don’t have to worry about the limit), so we decided privately to have him focus on his brilliantly insane game previews instead.

With all of that being said, we wanted to bring back the mailbag for one last hurrah. Think of this as the scene in Hook in which Robin Williams finally realizes that the food in Never Land is real and hosts a massive food fight, or in Lost in which they don’t know what to do with the cache of food they find in the hatch, so they just eat it all in one massive banquet, or when Pam and Kevin try to gorge themselves on one last ultra-feast before she goes into labor in The Office. There’s no careful selection this week. We’re pigging out, folks: every sensible question is getting answered. Every. One.

So here’s the deal. We want you to ask any question you want, about anything. Save yourself some heartache and annoyance and anger and forget about the Kings for a second (or don’t, this is your life, not mine). Within reason, we’ll answer any question about anything having anything to do with, well, anything. If you want to send a question to a specific staff member, I’ll forward it to them and they’ll provide a candid answer.

Want to know who disagrees with who most often in private? Ask away! Want to know Greg’s favorite band of all time? Ask away! Want to know which of the staff members have facial hair? Ask away! Want to know the order of oldest to youngest staff member? Ask away! Want to know how one of us got started on our journey here at StR? Ask away! Want to know a specific opinion about a Kings player, current or former? Ask away! Want to know a best or worst moment at the site? Ask away! Want to know what cameras and lenses Kimani uses in certain circumstances? Ask away!

Okay, you get the point. Let’s have some fun with this one, and thank you to each and every person who has ever submitted a question to The Royal Mailbag. We wouldn’t have had the privilege of running this site without all of you. It’s been a blast, my friends.