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Marvin Bagley out at least another 3 weeks

The Kings announced Bagley is progressing but still out.

Kimani Okearah

The Sacramento Kings provided a medical update for Marvin Bagley, saying that Bagley is progressing but will remain out. Another update is expected in three weeks.

From the team’s press release:

Kings forward Marvin Bagley III (left midfoot sprain) continues to progress through the reconditioning process, under the supervision of the team’s physicians and in coordination with foot specialist Dr. Martin O’Malley at the Hospital for Special Surgery. He recently incorporated stationary shooting and partial-weight bearing conditioning activities into his regimen, in addition to ongoing strength work. An update regarding Bagley’s status will be provided in three weeks.

Three weeks would put us at March 12th. The Kings final game is April 14th. It seems unlikely the Kings would bring Bagley back for the remaining four weeks. Nothing is certain, and for all we know Bagley could begin progressing rapidly, but it seems quite likely that we’ve seen the last of Bagley this season.

Of course, if Bagley is ready in about three weeks, that still could put him on track for the Kings first round playoff games.