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Can the Kings give us hope again?

Two fun games have us perilously close to believing in...something

Kimani Okearah

The first two Kings games after the All Star Break Like, surprisingly fun? I enjoyed watching the Kings play basketball, and I haven’t been able to say that for long stretches this season. But the Kings look like a team that might finally have a few things figured out? We’ve been fooled before this season. The Kings will win a few games and then drop a giant turd on the floor against some terrible team. The Kings play the Warriors tomorrow, so they’ll probably get blown out. But in the mean time I can’t help but hope to have hope.

This season has been a disaster. Some wins down the stretch could be the difference between an offseason full of firings or an offseason of continuity. Some will hope for everything to be blown up, and I don’t blame you. But as pessimistic as I often am about this team, it’s because I desperately want them to be good. I’m going to keep rooting for the Kings to appear competent, even if it means being saddled with the same type of chaos next year. Line up the football, Lucy, my name is Charlie Brown and this time I’m going to kick it.

De’Aaron Fox has looked great. I’d like to see him shoot free throws better, but otherwise I’ve loved what we’ve seen from him over the past two months. Buddy Hield has been mostly awesome off the bench. Bogdan Bogdanovic hasn’t put up big numbers as a starter, but he seems to open up the games in ways Buddy didn’t. The bench was improved by the trade to bring in Kent Bazemore, the spark the Kings had been missing in the year since they traded Iman Shumpert. Alex Len looked like a solid backup. I’m writing positive things about acquiring Alex Len!

I’m not blind to the issues this team has. Despite the soft schedule ahead, I don’t think the Kings will make a real run at the playoffs. But hey, Richaun Holmes is supposed to be back soon unless the medical staff suddenly realizes that his arm fell off. With Holmes back soon, and the rest of the team playing well, the Kings could be fun to watch for the final month of the season.

It would be great if, just once, the Kings were fun and good for a full NBA season, but for now I’ll settle for a fun month wherever I can find it. Give me a reason to bet the over next season. Come on Kings, give me something to root for.

Surely, this time will be different.