Do I Dare?

I have been so torn watching this Kings team be relatively good lately. I see the rise in standings, and then my mind starts to wander.....what if? What if this is the year? Not the year we win a championship. This is not a championship roster. But what if we finally break that friggin non-playoffs streak? What if we finally get to hear a Kings playoff crowd once again? My daydreams picture a utopian environment that would be ear-breakingly loud. It doesn’t matter whether we win or lose the playoff series. We would finally have made "it".

But I’ve had hope before. Only to have my soul crushed and obliterated to a pathetic heap of Kings fandom that barely exists, but dammit still exists nonetheless. I want to hope. I need to hope. All my sports teams suck (Kings, Marlins, Sharks, and Dolphins). I need one to not be a laughingstock! Do I bank my hopes on the Kings or expect the eventual crash back to suckitude? I love and loathe being a Kings fan, in the same way I love and loathe drinking 5 gin and tonics in one sitting. It’s fun for a while, but sucks in the long term and possibly indicates I have a problem. The kings are my problem, but I can’t stop being a fan.

Screw it. Let’s go kings! Let’s make the playoffs!

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