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Trade Rumor Roundup: Bogi, Dedmon, Capela, and more!

All the rumors that are fit to blog

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Kimani Okearah

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday, February 6th, at 12:00 PM PT. That means this week the rumors are going to be flying fast. There’s going to be a ton of noise, and a lot of it may not go anywhere, but the crazy rumors are part of the fun. With that in mind, here’s a quick roundup of links and rumors.

Kings and Rockets have talked Clint Capela

Shams Charania and Jon Krawczynski reported in the Athletic that Houston is shopping Capela, and mentioned the Kings as one of the teams the Rockets have spoken with.

Houston has discussed Capela packages with Atlanta and Sacramento, league sources said.

There’s very little there, and it certainly doesn’t sound like an imminent deal, but it’s still interesting.

It’s hard to see how Capela would fit next to Marvin Bagley or Richaun Holmes, but he’s a good player on a reasonable contract.

Lakers and Hornets pursuing Bogdan Bogdanovic

Zach Lowe reported for ESPN that the Lakers and Hornets are chasing Bogi. We knew the Lakers were interested, but the Hornets are a new suitor. Sadly, Lowe shuts down any hope of the Kings sending Bogi to Philly for Matisse Thybull.

The Bogdan Bogdanovic situation could go to the wire. The Lakers and Hornets are among teams who have expressed interest, sources say. The Sixers seem like a natural fit, but the two teams do not appear to have had any substantive talks. It’s hard to see those talks progressing past the phrase “Matisse Thybulle” — Philly isn’t including him in any deal at this level, and the Zhaire Smith/Mike Scott/pick platter might not pique Sacto’s interest. The Kings have matching rights on Bogdanovic this summer.

The Kings should get something good for Bogdanovic — at least a first-round pick. They can wait and see if offers fatten closer to the deadline. At that point, it’s time to decide if the return outweighs the benefits of re-signing Bogdanovic.

Lowe rightly notes that the Kings can keep Bogi this summer. We also did a detailed analysis of the numbers. The question isn’t whether the Kings can afford to keep Bogi, it’s whether they get an offer that makes him worth trading.

Team interested in Harry Giles

Lowe also reports that a few teams have “poked around” on Harry Giles. However, given Sacramento’s stupid decision to decline Harry’s option, it’s hard to see why a team would trade for Harry. Any team that trades for Giles will be hamstrung in the ability to retain him, just as the Kings will be hamstrung to keep him if they don’t trade Giles.

Could the Kings get involved as a third team?

This isn’t specific to any one rumor, but there are a lot of rumors right now about deals where teams would need a third team. The Rockets trading Capela could involve the Kings as a third team as opposed to being the team that actually receives Capela. The Timberwolves are trying to trade Robert Covington and might need a third team to complete the deal. Again, there’s nothing specifically linking the Kings to being the third team in a deal. but it’s something worth keeping an eye on.