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Kings trade Dewayne Dedmon to Atlanta for Jabari Parker and Alex Len

Some second round picks are involved as well.

Kimani Okearah

The Sacramento Kings have traded Dewayne Dedmon to the Atlanta Hawks, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. Woj reports that the Kings will receive Alex Len and Jabari Parker.

Dedmon was acquired this summer but struggled to produce for the Kings the way he had for the Hawks in the previous two years. Dedmon was benched quickly in favor of Richaun Holmes and publicly asked for a trade. He gets to return to Atlanta where he had more success.

Len and Parker aren’t names that will necessarily excite Kings fans. Len is solid but underwhelming, and is a $4.16 million expiring contract. Parker is a volume scoring wing earning $6.5 million this year with a $6.5 million player option next season.

This move saves the Kings cap space in future seasons, and gives the team a chance to look at Parker and Len who are just 24 and 26 years old, respectively.

As for the second round picks, the Kings own a plethora of second rounders, more than they could possibly roster, so it makes sense to use them as sweeteners.

This trade isn’t a home run, but it isn’t a bad trade either.

Update: We have clarification on the second round picks from James Ham.

Neither of those picks are very valuable. Both are likely to be picks in the 50s. Not much value given up there by the Kings.