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Kings vs. Pistons Preview: Sunday Funday!

Hey an early Sunday game that might just decide the fate of the Kings season?? Cool cool cool.

Kimani Okearah

Well, I don't know how the Kings did it but they have managed to pull me out of my disdain for the current season and into writing way-too-short previews that come way too late in the day for early games. Let's pretend like I haven't missed the last few games due to various life events and just roll with it: three and a half games out of eighth place, four teams to climb over including a defending Western Conference finalist, and the Kings best player is flying around with a bum wing? CONSIDER ME INTRIGUED, BABY! Let’s talk Kings basketball.

When: Sunday, March 1st, 3:00 PST

Where: Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, CA


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

Tank Maneuvers: Sure the Kings are more a group of terracotta warriors than they are ironmen at this point, sure they have over-promised and under-delivered every step of the way but however ugly and frustrating this season has been for fans, it must be said that the Kings have once again found themselves in a position to snatch the 8th seed in the Western Conference. Can we blame the various disappointing Western Conference foes more than we can praise our boys in red? Probably. But, I've had my coffee this morning so I can heap some praise where it belongs. De'Aaron Fox, though hobbled, is playing like the All-Star we had hoped he'd be this year. When playing aggressive, when in attack mode, he's nearly unstoppable. Harry Giles, ever proving the idiocy of management, is playing the best basketball of his life and cemented himself as a player in this league. I'd say he looks like a million bucks out there, but I wouldn't want Vlade to overhear and assume Harry's price had gone down as expected by the brain trust. Not to be forgotten is Kent Bazemore, whose energy and timely do-all nature has fans realizing what what SOME OF US knew all along: that swaggy, energy guys didn't suddenly die out with the trade of Iman Shumpert. Bazemore has immediately and successful filled that role both on the court and in the hearts of fans and while he doesn't have a catchy nickname for the team (yet), the BazeGod is providing all energy on greater efficiency that his predecessors.

On the other side of the coin today, the Pistons are in active tank mode. They've moved on from historically good rebounder, Andre Drummond, they've jettisoned Reggie Jackson and Blake Griffin's knee is weaker than his stand up comedy somehow, meaning the Pistons powers-that-be are begging to give the Kings a leg up and out and yet all the rearranged and remaining deck chairs on the Lose-sitania won't be so willing. NEVER the one to like hearing the word "no" Pistons starting point guard Derrick Rose has stayed relatively healthy and has "led" ""his""" """team""" in the absence of Griffin. Tony Snell is rumored to be able to shoot, Christian Wood and John Henson can scrap on defense. As nice as it would be to see the Kings win big, this could absolutely be considered a trap game. You are hearby warned.


My Lord of the Rings marathon today goes well today and no Pistons fans roll in to go on the offensive of what I've said. Oh, and the Kings roll.

Kings: 118, Pistons:104