Who I have the most FOMO, and a sneaky good rebuild from a team out east

Ant Edwards- I question his ceiling a bit, but I love his attitude, toughness, physical tools and versatility.

Poku- while he is years away from getting playing time, Poku has potential unicorn style game. Extremely fluid at 7 foot tall, Poku can get into his pullup game and fill up the stat sheet in pretty much all categories. Needs to add tons of bulk and prove himself against better competition, but he looks a lot more like a few years away from being a Kristaps type player rather than a Bruno Cabalco.

Tyler Bey - Flying under the radar for the majority of the season Bey has a both high floor and high ceiling given his defensive versatility and ability to be an energy player and spot up shooter. Extremely active as a rebounder, and lob threat in the dunker spot, Bey at worst should become a Thad Young type of energy player that is extremely solid. Bey can extend his range and has shown some flashes scoring outside the paint with a variety of pullups and turnaround fadeways. He could be a little bit of a Kyle Kuzma offensively with elite defensive ability and motor. Some have seen some Kawhi potential which I can see where it comes from, but Bey is too raw offensively. Overall, Bey might be the most enigmatic player in this draft with elite physical tools and athleticism, but continues to fly under the radar.

Patrick Williams- While I do not particularly like his fit on the Kings, Williams is another enigma who is extremely moldable on both sides of the ball. He will need to make his release quicker and add to his offensive game, but the athleticism, tools and intangibles are intriguing. He is young so I hope he can get into a good development staff with the Heat, Raptors, Bucks, Mavs, or Nuggets.

Paul Reed - While he cooled off from his great start to the season, Reed still has a ton of potential as a energy big who can defend like crazy. If he can hone in on his natural ball hawking, he will wreak havoc on that end of the floor and be able to potentially guard 1-5 in a few years. His offensively game is a little bit up in the air, but he is a lob and role threat with some flashes as a floor stretcher.

Kira Lewis - Smooth 3 level scorer, Lewis looks the part of a starting point gaurd in a couple years of development. He has a soft touch around the rim that is extremely rare for someone his age, while having a shiftiness and quick handle to beat dudes off the dribble, he will easily be the best point guard in the draft in a couple years (yes better than Lamelo, Hali, Cole, Nico, Killian)

Xavier Tillman - Extremely mature, hard working, with the intangibles that will guarantee him to be an energy big at the next level. Tillman puts in a ton of effort as a defender with the ability check guards and lock down versatile bigs (defended Zion extremely well). Not sure he becomes a starter in the league, but for sure can give you 15-20 solid minutes per game as an energy big.

Grant Riller - Dude is a bucket, reminds me of Van Vleet a bit. Probably can become a Lou Williams type player as a gritty bucket getter and leader of a second unit next to a defensive combo guard.

Malachi Flynn - extremely solid on both ends of the floor, Flynn has led an elite San Diego State team with poise and balance. Look for him and Tre Jones to be great backup point guards in the league for the next 15 years.

Honorable Mentions

Okoro- he has shot up draft boards a bit too much for me to love his value in the top 5 but I think it is pretty easy to like what he brings as a defender and winner who does all the little things. Flashes of scoring and playmaking are just not enough for me to believe he will be a star, but he has the potentially to be really really solid in a Jaylen Brown type of way that is hard to pass up in this draft.

Tre Jones- He will be a very good backup in the league for a very long time. There is no doubt he will be better than Nico and Cole Anthony in my mind. Defensively he will be very good and he will be able to run a second unit on a championship team.

Devin Vassell - He will likely struggle a lot offensively starting out, but he reminds me of Otto Porter a ton. I think he might take a few years but he would be a perfect fit alongside Fultz and Jonathon Isaac on the Magic who are going to be sneaky good very soon. Watch from them to trade Gordon and Vuc pretty soon here as Chuma and Bamba become starting level players but they are building a defensive powerhouse and if they get decent value from Gordon and Vuc look for them to be towards the top of the east in a few years on the backs of Fultz and Isaac rising to stardom.

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