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Goodbye, STR

Sanjesh says farewell.

The Abdication Of Napoleon And His Departure From Fontainebleau For Elba 20th April 1814 Photo by Historica Graphica Collection/Heritage Images/Getty Images

The StR staff planned on working through the end of March, but that was under the assumption that the NBA would still be happening. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re instead going to spend this week saying our goodbyes in individual posts and handing over the reigns. -Greg

I’ve written for Sactown Royalty for a little over two years now. That time flew by fast. Never did it occur to me that I would be writing my goodbye post so soon, but here we are.

This site literally changed everything for me. I was just 17 years old looking for a place to write and voice my thoughts on the Sacramento Kings. I played sports in high school and during soccer season, I injured my toe badly. It’s a longer story, but I couldn’t play anything for at least six months. Sports has always been my escape from the world, but watching wasn’t enough. I needed to write and I eventually got a chance. A few years later, it’s opened so many doors for me.

I spent some time on FanSided prior to hitting up Akis and Greg about potential openings for the site and they gave me a shot to do recaps. They kept me on and I officially became a member of this awesome site filled with extremely talented writers and engaging commenters and a giraffe (who is exceptionally knowledgeable about everything).

I still do recaps to this day and that’s the plan when The Kings Herald launches, though the NBA is going to be suspended for some time so there’s nothing to recap. I’ve written in-depth pieces about countless players and learned the unique game of basketball at a deeper level. I’ve been guests on multiple podcasts to talk about the Kings. I’ve written one preview. I manage The Kings Herald Instagram account in a social media dominated world (go follow if you haven’t). I can go on and on.

The most special moment was being able to get a media pass for a Stockton Kings game where the wonderful Richard Ivanowski taught me the ropes. I interviewed Eric Mika and published a story about him the day after. Does any of this happen without this site? No.

I mean, I was just a 19 year old kid who received a media pass for an NBA G-League game. (I turned 20 on the 15th).

I’m pursuing a degree in journalism at Long Beach State while aiming for a minor in American studies. Most of the stuff I’m learning about are things I learned before entering college and taking these classes so I’m a bit ahead of the curve. Just a few days ago, I was selected to the journalism honors society that only a handful of students make.

I owe a ton to this site, but especially to Greg and Akis. I’ve thanked them a few times previously, but really when they read this, they need to know they impacted my life big time. None of what I have accomplished so far in the field of journalism is really possible without them giving me a chance. Without them believing in a high schooler trying to write, I don’t know where I would be.

With all of this being said, I’m grateful for my time here. The Kings Herald will only be better.