Kings need to tank for who next year? A BOLD prediction And Donte DiVincenzo will be the X best SG in the NBA in 5 years

Cade Cunningham. The Kings neeeeeeed Cade Cunningham. He will be the next transcendant superstar in the league. The idea would be to start him and Fox together in a 2 PG type of scheme like OKC does with the trio of Schroder, CP3, and Shai or like Houston has done. Moreover, having versatile creation and playmaking will make the Kings DYNAMIC in a way that only elite teams can be. Them two with Richaun Holmes as the dunker, roll threat, lob threat, and defensive force in the middle will be huge. Bogi is first gaurd off the bench and will play tons of minutes next to both Cade and Fox. Surround them with positional size and defensive ability with Barnes, Bazmore, and Bagley at the 4. For Bagley, defensive versatility will be key for his success. He will need to be active, maintain defensive stance and find ways to be a stopper in guarding 3-5, while being able to knock down threes. The Kings should have redshirted him after his first injury to get him right but hindsight is 20/20. Now the Kings will be tasked this summer with building on his skillset as a motor big. Get him shooting hundreds of free throws, and hundreds of 3s every day. If he wants to have that KD like versatility, it will need to be starting out with consistency with what he is good at, and adding just one or two things every summer. This summer it will need to be health, and defense, particularly in the form of core strength, functional movement efficiency, particularly laterally, and getting his center of gravity a bit lower to better contain on the perimeter. Next summer shooting and some pull up midrange and touch. This next season Kings will need to feature him as a roller, dunker while being that defender he needs to be. Once THIS season gets back, Bagley should sit. Let him go into the offseason completely healthy. Kings must prioritize a playoff push around Fox, Bogi, Barnes, Baze, Holmes, and Buddy (need to increase his trade value for this summer).

So the question is how do we get there, especially if the Kings likely will be too good to get that first pick next, it starts will a strong draft this year, particularly with the 2nd round. Strike gold and consolidate assets to build this team the right way.

It is a pipe dream to be able to have enough assets to make it happen. But it is something the Kings must have a vision for. If we strike gold on our pick in the 13-17 range we can package him alongside, Buddy (or the assetts acquired in a Buddy trade this summer) and our 2021 1st, 2023 1st, and 2025 1st to add Cade Cunningham. As good as Bogi and Buddy have been, I think both are not good enough to be starting next to Fox on a championship roster, Cade will have the gravity of a 2 way star with elite scoring and playmaking. Bogi off the bench creates an Manu like situation where Bogi can scorch second units next to Fox and Cade.

My BOLD prediction is that the Utah Jazz will win the NBA finals this year. Gobert and Mitchell will rise to the occasion and Mitchell will cement himself as a Dwayne Wade like closer. Conley will get more comfortable in his role and the play of Royce O'Neal, Ingles, Clarkson and Bogdanovic will be critical in beating the Lakers or Clippers in the conference finals and they will defeat the Miami Heat in the finals.

Donte Divincenzo has shown flashes of an elite two way player. Once Giannis leaves in free agency to the Raptors or Heat, Divincenzo will be handed the key next to Middleton and a sneaky good Bucks roster. Divincenzo will be better than Kendrick Nunn, Tyler Herro, Gary Harris, and CJ McCollum and will quietly turn himself into a Donovan Mitchell type player.

People will redraft the 2018 draft as such










My ideal Kings 2021 Lineup

Fox/Cade/Malachi Flynn/Kyle Guy

Cade/Bogi/Bruce Brown (acquire in free agency in 2021, defensive combo guard to add grit to the offensively powered backourt)

Barnes/Bazmore/Daquan Jeffries/ Justin James/ Tres Tinkle/ Naji Marshall



This lineup assumes trading the 2020 first round selection by the Kings as well as Buddy Hield, and 2021 Kings first (so essentially the Kings would be trading up in 2021 to select Cade) as well as the future firsts of 2023, 2025 and a bunch of second rounders as well.

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