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Thanks for the memories, past & future

The StR staff planned on working through the end of March, but that was under the assumption that the NBA would still be happening. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re instead going to spend this week saying our goodbyes in individual posts and handing over the reigns. You can join us in our next step at and follow us on Twitter @TheKingsHerald -Greg

My goodness, where do I start?

My first thought is to not bury the lede, so I’m going to start by thanking StR members that are far too many to list here. Never in my 61 years have I belonged to a finer community. The passion, the intelligence, the humor – OH MY GAWD, THE HUMOR!!! I cannot begin to count up the hours that I have spent on this site since discovering it in 2006, but it is safe to say that other than work and my family (both of which I have dual-tasked at times with StR), I have spent more time at Sactown Royalty than anywhere else, on or off line. To every Sactown Royalty member, writer and contributor, I give you my deepest thanks, appreciation and gratitude. You have made my life better (and in the process – hopefully – made ME better), and I am humbled that you have shared with me and permitted me to share with you over these past fourteen years.

There’s a lot of history that I won’t bore you with. But I would be remiss if I did not thank the following people:

· Tom Ziller – After posting FanShots and participating in threads, Tom gave me the opportunity to join him and Louismg on the staff. Tom paid me the priceless sum of an incredibly long leash (complete freedom, really) and annual Mikuni gift cards. But the real pay was being a member of the community, and having the opportunity to write and (hopefully) entertain. Whether it was the off-the-wall “Media Round Table / Pulp Fiction” in 2008, 2010’s nonsensical 8-part “Building The Sacramento Kings All-Time Roster,” or 2013’s not-a-basketball story “Aspire Higher,” Tom gave me a platform of complete freedom and trust. It was…cathartic, and anyone that has ever had to write for an editor with a heavy eraser knows what I’m talking about. Tom made Sactown Royalty a home for me, one where I could put my feet up and relax. If you have not yet subscribed to Tom’s “Good Morning It’s Basketball,” you should. Because none of us are on this site today if not for Tom Ziller (plus, Tom’s a great read in his own right). Thank you, Tom. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

· Akis Yerocostas – During my time here Akis went from cub reporter to co-editor to leader, and the best thing that I can say is that he did not change one iota as a person throughout his ascension. Akis is genuine, patient, sharing, funny, and wicked smart. I would not have thought that someone could have taken Tom’s site and elevated it, but Akis did just that. What a stroke of good fortune it was for Akis to come to Sactown Royalty when he did. He is the quiet driving force that guides this community. Thank you for everything, Akis.

· Greg Wissinger – Greg and I have met exactly one time, at a Sactown Royalty night at ARCO arena. And with that, I consider Greg to be one of my good friends. That’s the type of individual that Greg is. I will always count my guest appearances on the podcast with Greg as among my favorite times at StR. They were completely unscripted and unrehearsed, just two knuckleheads talking on the phone about Kings basketball. I don’t know if we informed and entertained anyone other than each other, but it was sure fun. And Greg is the Captain that keeps this site away from the icebergs, and he does it with grace and passion and humility. We are blessed to have him here. Greg, I thank you for the laughs and the friendship.

· The StR Staff – Labor of love, labor of love, labor of love. I think that it’s no secret that I have been rather mother-hennish in the threads when someone questions the integrity of an StR writer. I have been behind the curtain, and I know that there are no real perks or gratuities that go along with writing here, other than having the opportunity to write. Yes, there have been plenty of times where I have not agreed with a writer’s take. But I have never questioned the motivation of the writer, as I know for a fact that the motivation is that he/she is inflicted with the same illness that infects us all – being a Kangz fan. The staff that supports Akis and Greg over these past few years has been vast, talented, wide-ranging, giving, creative, dependable, and on point. They are the fuse that lights every thread. I tip my hat to each and every one of them for giving us so much more than they get in return. Thank you, gang. Thank you for the labor of love.

I recall the early years fondly. A good thread conversation usually weighed in at around 13 comments, with Carl and Otis and Pookeyguru (among others) leading the charge.

I recall the activism of the relocation saga, and how proud I was that none of the major players from out site (ed7, Tom, Akis, jjham15, and so many others) put themselves on a pedestal at any time or tried to leverage their efforts into anything for themselves. The focus was always on saving the team for the City of Sacramento, and once that was accomplished it was back to talking about the team on the floor.

I recall the amazement of meeting Jerry Reynolds and discovering that he followed our site. The validation that we were actually a voice of the fan base, one that brought intelligence and varying perspectives to the conversation.

More than anything, I recall almost fourteen years of great conversation and camaraderie. And I look forward to the next chapter. Whatever the technological challenges that may be in front of us (and I’m sure that there will be some growing pains as our new community gets set up), the foundation that has made Sactown Royalty what it is today will be there supporting our new community. Because at the end of the day and after everything is said and done, that’s really what we have here. One word: Community. A community driven, supported, and bettered by each and every Sactown Royalty member.

So I won’t say goodbye. I will say have a safe trip, and I hope to see all of you in the new community, as it will only be a community if you are there. And who knows? Maybe someday we will have playoff basketball to discuss!

You all rock. Go Kings!