Playoff Push Affecting Draft Outcome

I think the Kings making the playoffs would be great for us this season and I think we have a really good chance. And to do that with significant injuries all around would be so huge. I would still look to quietly move Buddy Hield just because he will be overpaid as a backup and I question playing Bogi and Buddy major minutes together. With that being said let's say there is not a decent deal in placed and the Kings end up picking around 13-16, the player to get is Tyler Bey. I have talked about him a ton before but I am fully convinced he is the player that we will look at this draft and question how he slipped. At 6'7 with a huge wingspan (estimated close to 7') Bey has a unique set of physical tools and defensive awareness to be a wrecking ball. He has some similarities to Thybulle for sure so it is strange he is not getting more buzz. He has some work to do on the offensive end for sure but he is extremely efficient and is the prototypical type of player that has way more in his bag than expected like a Donovan Mitchell Kyle Kuzma. He fits a positional need for us and would have the unique ability to guard 1-4 while being a great shooter. I actually think quietly Rico Hines could have him looking like Kawhi in couple years and be a sneaky elite 2 way player in 4 years. Adding that type of elite role player with huge upside to a playoff team that got there after an injury riddled season would be huge. And his defense and IQ would earn him minutes pretty quickly. Think we also need to look at some major injections of playmaking and depth in the backcourt as well either through the draft or in free agency.

In my opinion we should still look to grab another pick by trading Hield and getting a Haliburton/Killian Hayes/ RJ Hampton addition to the backcourt. Just seems like we need a swiss army knife type of 1st guard off the bench. Even trading Hield to think Knicks for their clippers pick and grabbing either Poku or Kira Lewis and then a future pick as well could potentially pay off dividends down the line. Adding some solid guys like Tillman, Tinkle, Livers, Riller would all be great depth additions in the second round as well.

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