Kings Big Board Quarantine Edition

Hope everyone is healthy and doing well during this time! I have been combing through more film of prospects and given that college basketball is likely done, I wanted to make sure I get out another big board to cement where I stand on various prospects.

Tier 1

1. Lamelo - Just too good offensively, does so many things with the ball in his hands and has tremendous size and shot making ability. Should be productive and with the right pieces around should be effective.

2. Ant Edwards - Him and Lamelo are pretty close in my opinion and I generally I have put Edwards first but it is tough. I will probably flip flop a ton but it is clear these two are the top prospects. Edwards has the physical tools, talent, and motor to a really good player in the league. Physically gifted with some shot making ability, I would love to see him thrive in Atlanta next to Trae who would help get him easy buckets.

Tier 2

3. Killian Hayes was one of my favorite prospects going into this season and I predicted he would shoot up draft boards with his playmaking and versatility as an off guard/combo guard. He reminds me a ton of Bogi and probably ends up close to him in terms of IQ, playmaking, defense (Bogi is sneaky good at defense), as well as being a very solid scorer. Hayes has some good athleticism as well and will likely be a very good contributor for the team that drafts him.

4. Onyeka Okongwu - a rich man's Brandon Clarke. With such fluidity and movement efficiency for his size, Okongwu projects to be a major contributor as a defensive big who can protect the rim, switch and contain on the perimeter at times and anchor a defense. Offensively he will be an effective roller, lob threat and fits the mold of everything you want from a productive big that will contribute to winning.

5. Tyrese Haliburton has shown he can be an exciting player with his insane passing ability and shotmaking from deep. He will be limited as a scoring due to his mechanics but should be able to productive and will be a mix of Lonzo Ball and Malcolm Brogdon. He will need to be paired with a backcourt mate who can score and attract attention to free up open shots for Haliburton who likely will fill it up from 3 and at the hoop and will struggle scoring in the midrange. Haliburton may not be able to guard multiple positions as his size and length may suggest, but as he adds bulk he should turn into a contributor on that. All in all he should be a good addition to a team and will make exciting things happen on both ends of the floor.

6. Obi Toppin is just too good offensively. He makes things happen on both ends of the court despite having a reputation of not being a great defender I think he will be very solid in that department. Toppin is a major vertical threat and will find ways to get buckets. His fit will be ideal next to a versitile defensive big like a Bam, Richaun Holmes, Gobert type of big as well.

7. RJ Hampton is a swiss army knife mix of Dejounte Murray with a little bit more scoring. Hampton is extremely bursty athletically with a crazy first step step and will find ways to see time on the court for a time early on, even if during that time he is not scoring a ton. Hampton will need to figure his shot out to reach that high end type of projection, but even if he does not he will have a place in this league as a do it all guard who can make great things happen on both ends of the floor.

Tier 3

8. Isaac Okoro has shot up draft boards after draft twitter picked up on his two way ability but has risen a bit too far for my taste as some have him as a top 3 prospect. His shot needs to be far more consistent, but he really really reminds me of Jaylen Brown and will likely have a similar development trajectory to Brown who has struggled a bit to shoot the all consistently. Okoro does so much of the little things that contribute to winning that do not show up on the stat sheet and because of that has to be considered very highly.

9. Tyler Bey- I have talked a ton about how much there is to like about Bey despite lackluster offensive production. To me it has been a function of poor coaching, guard play, and spacing on the part of Colorado. Bey has shown an ability to be a high IQ player on both ends of the floor with his ability to shut down people defensive, set great screens, and show flashes of distributing ability. Easily my biggest sleeper in this draft.

10. Paul Reed has also been one of my favorite players. To me he should the majority of his time at Center given his ability to protect the rim and be a defensive anchor. His wingspan is astounding and his ability to grab boards, be a lob threat, and attack as a roller are reminiscent of Richaun Holmes.

11. Deni Avdija - I have been admittedly low on him because I am extremely low on his shooting ability but he does enough on both sides of the floor to be considered a lottery pick in this draft. I think he has enough grit and work ethic to figure things out as well. Still skeptical of his ability to guard NBA wings and score the ball but he has shown some serious flashes and should find his way inside an NBA rotation pretty quickly.

12. James Wiseman is tough to evaluate given the small sample but he has the physical tools of an NBA big. I think he reminds me most of Hassan Whiteside, he should be productive, not sure if it leads to wins and if he can truly anchor a defense but he should be productive. Not my favorite prospect in the world though.

Tier 4

13. Devin Vassell is another guy who has moved up on draft boards after putting a really good season together for a great FSU team. He reminds me a ton of Otto Porter and will likely have a similar development trajectory given his tools defensively and his limitation offensively with the ball in his hands. But should have a ton of staying power in the league and would love to see him on the Magic next to Markelle and Isaac.

14. Tre Jones is someone who will so solid in the league. This draft is obviously pretty weak in terms of top end talent but Jones will provide a second unit with stability on both ends of the floor and looks the part of leader. I have said this before but he will likely end up having a great 15-18 year career and be a great coach after he is done.

15. Xavier Tillman is another playing who may never be a starting caliber center but he will be such a huge impact player with his ability to defend, rebound and pass. If he can develop his shot a bit that will really help open up his game. Extremely mature and high floor player.

16. Jalen Smith is very solid and should be a rotation big for a team. Can do a lot as a defender, motor player and can stretch the floor extremely well. He will have a very solid NBA career for sure. Another high floor player who may not be a starter, but will be a major contributor.

17. POKU is a risky pick but his ability to move fluidly at his size is enticing. He will need to work on gaining weight but his ability to fill up the stat sheet and be smooth scorer could make him a potential unicorn type player in a few years.

18. Aaron Nesmith has a silky smooth jump shot and should be an elite floor spacer as soon as he gets into the league. Questions about his ability to shoot off the dribble are not too big of a concern but his ability to defend and do other things besides shoot are definitely very real. He could probably be a Duncan Robinson type player easily when he first gets into the league and Duncan Robinson is a key piece to that Heat team. Shooting is a premium, just a lot of questions surrounding how impactful he can be in other facets of his game. I think his situation will really be a big part of his success as well. It would not surprise me if a team took him in the lottery. A team like the Pelicans would make sense to help space the floor for Zion, the Magic would also be a really good landing spot as well.

19. Jahmi'us Ramsey is tough to evaluate as well. He shows flashes of a two way star, but how consistent will his jumper be and he is a bit of a black hole offensively and has misses some passes to open teammates. But he is extremely athletic and should find ways to be productive. He is another player where the situation will play a huge role in what type of player he becomes.

20. Saddiq Bey- Villanova guys are always solid and he should have staying power given his shooting ability and his size on the wing. He should be extremely solid and productive when the season starts and will fill a big need as a 3 and D player for a winning team.

21. Kira Lewis is so smooth offensively with elite touch around the rim and some serious shot making ability. Not sure how well he will be able to adapt defensively but he reminds me a ton of Darius Garland. Depending on where he goes PUT HIM HIGHER

22. Joel Ayayi has been pretty inconsistent this year and was looking forward to see what he would do in the tournament. Obviously we will not get a chance for that but man this dude really reminds me of a poor man's Victor Oladipo. He needs to add a ton to his game but he is solid in pick n roll, his jumper projects well and he does a lot little things that lead to winning. As much as I want to put him higher it is so tough just because he was not that productive relative to other prospects. But I really do think he will end up be a really really good player in the league just of how good he is in pick n roll.

23. Malachi Flynn is someone who I cannot believe is not getting more draft hype. Given his age, size and lack of elite athleticism I understand some of the doubt in his ability to be a starter, but he has led an elite SDSU state team with shot making, playmaking and defense that should not go unnoticed. He will be an impact player for a second unit in the NBA there is no doubt in my mind.

24. Grant Riller is a tough bucket getter and should be productive as a Lou Williams type of player in the league. Has touch and should get more easy buckets with more talent around him. He might go for 50 in a Summer League Game.

Tier 5

25. Patrick Williams is a bit of an enigma. His shooting mechanics are a bit slow but he is so intruiging given his tools, activity, and motor. Another player where his situation will play a huge role. If the Heat or Raptors select him than he might be an all star one day, seriously, but if the Knicks draft him I am more skeptical. He is tough to place on this draft board because I personally love what he brings in terms of talent, I just worry a bit about where he will get drafted.

26. Mason Jones is extremely polished as a scorer and is getting no love from mock drafts despite leading the SEC in scoring. He reminds me of TJ Warren although less of a tweener than TJ was going into the draft and has a little bit of Kris Middleton to him. Should be able to contribute for a winning team right away.

27. Devon Dotson has extremely quick burst and wiggle with the ball in his hands. I think he will get his jumper to be more Consistent and will figure it out in the league similar to Devonte Graham.

28. Cole Anthony- I know he will find a way to be a solid NBA player but his lack of playmaking and ability to create space puts him more towards an Austin Rivers Monta Ellis type player.

29. Josh Green projects to be a decent 3 and D prospect in the league. Should have so some stand power but I am skeptical of his end ability.

30. Nico Mannion is extremely solid but will likely struggle to consistently attack and score against NBA length. He will be a solid backup for many years and be a very good coach as well, but is not a lottery talent as I predicted when the season first started and draft "experts" had him as a top 5 talent.

31. Tyrese Maxey just does not do enough to show me he is a lead guard. I do not see him as a facilitator, shot maker, or defender in the league. He might have some games where he gets hot but he is way too streaky and does not do enough to garner consistent playing time. I think he could become a good backup but the consistency needs to be there and where he gets drafted will be a huge factor in that. If goes to a team like the Wizards I will be extremely worried for his development, but a team like the Heat, Bucks, Spurs, Raptors I will be less skeptical and may see him as a potential starter some day. He is another tough prospect to evaluate given his inconsistency.

32. Skylar Mays reminds me of Gary Trent who has seen a good amount of rotation minutes for the Trail Blazers this season. Has shot making ability, shooting. and touch. A bit undersized as an off guard but I think he will be able to score at a high clip in the NBA.

33. Trevelin Queen is an interesting prospect. Tough to evaluate going to NMST but he could be an impact player with his positional size and defensive ability. I might rather have him than Josh Green honestly. He will be a fan favorite.

34. Cassius Winston should be a solid 3rd string or 2nd string player for a team. High Iq, High character with some shot making ability. Age and athleticism hold his ceiling back, but he should has a long career in the league.

35. Daniel Oturu has been extremely productive and while I am skeptical of his defensive anchoring ability and shooting, he definitely looks the part of someone who can contribute as a backup big.

36. Vernon Carey is another player who is tough to gauge his fit in the NBA. While extremely productive, I find it a bit tough to believe he will be able to post up a ton in the modern NBA. Has some Z BO and should be part of a rotation, just not sure he fits the mold of a modern big.

37. Elijah Hughes should be able to shoot the ball at a high clip in the NBA and space the floor for a second unit.

38. Reggie Perry should make his way into a big rotation at the 2nd or 3rd big off the bench. Very productive and solid all around. Not sure if he is enough of a lob threat as he does not have quite the vertical explosiveness you would like but he should find his way into a rotation getting some spot minutes here and there.

39. Jaden McDaniels- flashes of a two way player are there, but so inconsistent and tough to evaluate. Another player whose situation will depend a ton on the type of player he becomes. Just not super high on his ability to be a star and think he is an extremely risky pick. He might end up staying another year because it seems like many scouts just are not as high on him as his flashes of stardom might suggest he should be.

40. Precious Achiuwa is another tough prospect to gauge given his lack of positional fit in the NBA. To me he could wind up having some success as a small ball center getting some minutes as a 3rd string. He is another dude who should probably stay in school for another year and add to his game.

41. Jordan Nwora is no doubt one of the better shooters in this draft class and should see some NBA action because of it. He has some IQ ability as a screener as well but does not fill up the stat sheet and bring enough on the defensive end to be considered a first round talent. It is tough because I was high on him this summer and thought he would burst onto the scene as an elite 3 level scorer it just did not come to fruition this season. Depends on his fit as well because a team like the Magic could hide him defensively a bit and could use his shooting ability, but he just does not do enough other than shoot the ball for me.

42. Amar Sylla is intriguing given his tools but is a few years away from contributing on an NBA roster. It doesn't help that Youtubers are calling him the next Giannis but it is what it is. Hope he goes to a good situation where he can turn into a Paskal like player, but it is tough to gauge give n the compeition he has played against and his lack of productivity at that level.

43. Killian Tillie should be a part of NBA big rotation as the 5th big.

44. Tres Tinkle is someone who will need to add a explosiveness and quickness to be able to hold his own in the NBA but he has a little bit of Joe Ingles to his game that could make him a worthwhile investment for a team. Red shirt him his first year in the league so he can lift, and train and improve athletically. 2nd year let him dominate in the G- league and 3rd year allow to produce on your team's second unit.

45. Naji Marshall should be a swiss army knife bench wing for a team. Needs to fix his shot but he should have staying power in the league as a high motor defender who can pass the well. Should find his way in the league, especially given the need for defensive versitility. I really want the Kings to grab Tinkle and Marshall just because I think they would fit extremely well together on our second unit in a few seasons.

46. Malik Fitts has had his moments this season and has some Harrison Barnes to his game. But he will need to improve around the rim, and be a more decisive offensive player before he will see time in the NBA.

47. Leondro Bolmaro has some serious passing ability, but will need to spend some time as a draft and stash or in the g league before he can contribute. Needs to improve athletically and get his shot right but could contribute as a swiss army knife guard for a team's second unit in a few years of development.

48. Jay Scrubb has lit up JUCO basketball with his highlight reel play. Tremendous upside with his athletic, scoring and distributing abilities, he will likely need to prove his production is legit in the G league but a worthy risk for an extremely athletic 2 gaurd.

49. CJ Elleby - reminds of a less athletic Demar Derozen. Extreme shot making ability and smooth scoring, Elleby looked like he was ready to elevate and carry WSU on a run towards March Madness. He will likely need to increase his strength and quickness but I could see him as a scoring guard on a second unit.

50. Mamadi Diakite - Virginia always puts out solid players and while his productivity does not jumo off the page, Virginia's slow pace may account for some of that. He fits the mold of a rotation big in the NBA who can defend

51.Carlos Alocen

52. Lamine Diane - extremely productive for CSU Northridge

53. Theo Maledon is someone who I just do not see being able to contribute in the NBA. Defensively limited, and struggles to shoot consistently will outweigh his distribution ability too much for him to see consistent minutes.

54. Cassius Stanley is a little too close to Terrance Ferguson for my taste but has some shown some flashes.

55. Isaiah Stewart is physically gifted and like Vernon Carey has some Z BO toughness to him, just do not see his fit in the modern NBA.

56. Myles Powell

57. Cory Kispert

58. Omer Yurtseven

59. Colby Ross

60. Jordan Ford

Osasumwen Osaghae - FIU worthy of a SL invite

Andrew Fleming - Maine worthy of a SL invite

Shamarkus Kennedy -McNeese 19/11/1.5 on 68/25/78 worthy of a SL invite


Potential 1st rounders

Tevin Brown - Murray St

Tyrell Terry - Stanford

James Bouknight - UCONN

David Johnson - Louisville

Landers Nolley- if he can get immediate eligibility

Anton Watson Gonzaga

Romeo Weems Depaul

Andrew Nehmard - Florida

Potential 2nd rounders

Matt Bradley - Cal, bucket getter 18/5/1.5 on 43/38/87

Ethan Thompson- Oregon State

Landis Spivey- just transferred from JUCO to Fullerton, he is a sniper

Emmitt Williams - LSU averaged 13/6/1/1/1 on 56/42/77

Isaiah Livers - Michigan 13/4/1 on 45/40/95 might go undrafted this year though watch out for Miami to grab him

Terry Taylor - Austin Peay 22/11/1.5 on 55/32/65

Jebri Blount - NC Central 19/9/1.5 on 53/32/71

James Akinjo - Georgetown 13/3/4.5 on 33/24/81

Savion Flagg - Texas A and M 10/5/2.5 on 41/37/55

Jaquori Mclaughlin - UC Santa Barbara 13/3/4 on 44/41/80

Amadou Sow - UC Santa Barbara 14/7/1 on 55/38/74

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