Favorite non Kings players

I am curious to get a feel for some of your favorite current non kings players. I know I would often find myself checking in on a bunch of random players stats throughout this season and wanted to see who random players y'all like, let me know why if there is any particular story or reason why. Here is mine

Donovan Mitchell - loved him coming into the draft as you all know

Jonathon Isaac - defensive stopper, reminds me of early Kawhi

Bam Adebayo - big time defensive player, extremely unselfish

Donte Divincenzo - crazy defensive instincts + athleticism

Alex Caruso - does all the little things

Bruce Brown - University of Miami guy, defensive stopper

DeAnthony Melton - one of my favorite college players, wanted the Kings to draft him

OG Anunoby - wanted the Kings to draft him, going to be a really good wing for a long time

Nickeil Alexander- Walker - versatile offensive game

Dwayne Bacon - FSU

Jordan Bone - warriors were sneakily fun to watch this year

Eric Paschall - wanted the Kings to draft him

Mikal Bridges - defensive machine

Brandon Clarke - sneaky solid player that gets slept on by casual fans

Markelle Fultz - want to see him bounce back and become a star

Tyler Johnson - Miami Heat, tough, Fresno State guy as well

Dion Waiters - want to see him succeed when no one thought he will

Terance Mann - FSU, sneaky good pick and has gotten some minutes here and there with the clippers

Kelley Oubre - lefty, people thought he was not gonna be this explosive offensively and did not think he was a winner

Josh Richardson - slept on in the draft, Miami Heat guy, gritty defender

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