Tyler Bey is not the next Kawhi

But he is likely to find ways to be impactful. He reminds me most of John Collins in terms of physical tools, athleticism, and offensive fit, but Bey offers a lower risk iteration of a vertical threat big man due to his IQ and motor. While not as productive as Collin, and much older, Bey offers a similar skillset offensively and is particularly good when decisive.

In this breakdown of Collins, his biggest question mark was his function defensively as he struggle to contain in pick n roll in additional to lacking the ability to guard traditional bigs. Those are not concerns for Bey, those are things at which he is close to in elite in.

The big question mark with this comp is however, how much of Collins offensive success due to the elite playmaking of Trae Young.

In Collins rookie year he was pretty productive and scored in a few different ways. Put back dunks, lobs, dunks off the roll, and duck ins were most common and he was highly effective at those. Bey has been similarly effective at those at Colorado despite lackluster general playmaking and decision making from his guards. Bey and Collins also have some catch and shoot ability. Collins did not shoot three's in college, Bey shot at a 42 percent clip this season and shoots a slightly higher free throw percentage than Collins did in his lone year at Wake Forest.

Do not get me wrong, what Collins was able to do in terms of efficiency and production as a freshman is something that should not get lost. Bey being older does have a bit of an impact and definitely accounts for the lack of love on mock drafts, some of which have him in the late second round.

To me it shows a lack of homework on the part of "draft experts." Bey has elite athleticism, is a major vertical threat, and possess an ideal from for a modern power forward, comparable to John Collins. There is some hints of Derrick Jones Jr., Jae Crowder, Thad Young, and Kyle Kuzma in terms of similar size and play style as well.

Kuzma in particular was far smoother offensively and as a shooter, but Colorado's lack of consistent spacing and playmaking makes me think Bey could have more in his bag than expected. That offense did not include a variety of perimeter looks for Bey as a spot up shooter despite his effectiveness in small volume yet it did contain a ton of tough midrange jumps and turn arounds that Bey was able to hit with decent effectiveness. Will his productivity ramp up in a modern NBA system which will prioritize his lob threat, dunker spot, roller and spot up productivity with more space? Will his offensive game expand and can he be able to post up smaller guards, and face up bigs and either shoot that mid range jumper which he can hit as well as put the ball on the floor?

I do worry a bit about his ability to attack and make plays for others. Both he and Collins are much more of play finishers than makers for sure, but again, with Trae Young, he needs to be surrounded by play finishers to optimize his facilitating. That is why my favorite landing spot for Bey is the Mavericks who obviously have similarly have pretty good playmaker in Luka Doncic, not sure if y'all have heard of him.

Bey could easily slide into that second unit alongside a well put together team of scorers and playmakers. He would add some defensive versatility that helps optimize some of Doncic's limitations a defender, while providing a legit role threat akin to John Collins.

If Bey can step out and hit threes consistently then he gives you a bit more of a John Collins, Jae Crowder hybrid. If he can put the ball on the ground a bit and improve his pull up game he'll add some Kyle Kuzma into the equation. If he can prove he can be a straight line driver in addition to those you add a sneaky good Derrick Jones Jr. type productivity.

That is a likely optimum I believe he can reach in 3-4 years of development in a good system to compliment his Johns Collins type offensive skillset and versatile defensive prowess.

If he does develop more guard skills, pick and roll ability as a ball handler, and adds to his midrange game, maybe we are looking at a Kawhi/Paul George type player. I kinda doubt that though. I would probably give it a 1-2 percent chance.

But I do give him being a total bust a 0-1 percent chance because he is just too solid as a defender, roll threat, and lob threat.

I quite simply cannot see him not making a decent impact at the next level because of what he brings as a high IQ defender and screener. How much of his skillset was masked at Colorado will however, will give insight to what his true high end comp is though.

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