One Last StR Night - 3/31

For everyone interested, let’s get together in person on the last day of StR’s life (as far as we’re all concerned) to celebrate the past and toast to the future (The Kings Herald). We play the Spurs that night, so there will be plenty to talk/gripe/yell about (in person this time!). Lurkers, introverts, and the socially anxious, this is for us, too. Wherever we’ve stood on Cousins, Karl, Vlade, Bagley, or Luke, we’re all family for one night.

Game time is 7 pm, so my thought is to meet at 6:30 somewhere either close to Golden One or somewhere centrally located. Once we settle on a place and have an idea of the headcount, I’ll call ahead and have them set up a section for us (section 214, perhaps) near some TV’s with the game. I spent my sports bar years in San Diego, so I’m not familiar with our options, but am leaning towards living out Vivek’s fantasy and saying we do this somewhere in DoCo. Might be some fun energy to be right there by the arena. Parking would suck, but what are you gonna do. Mention your venue preference in the comments.

Whether there are five of us or fifty, it’s going to be a fun night. Hope to see you soon.


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