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How are we feeling?

A letdown loss to the Sixers. What now?

Kimani Okearah

Imagine if the Kings had won that game. If they’d beaten the Sixers, this place would be on cloud nine. This place might still be on cloud nine, depending on how this weekend’s slate of games go. But for now, the wind has been taken out of the sails, at least a little bit.

The Kings are operating on a razor-thin margin. There’s no room for error, and the Kings made an error. They lost a game that was set up for a win, with the Sixers missing Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Josh Richardson. The chance was there, and the Kangz showed up instead of the Kings.

If the Kings lose to the Blazers and Raptors this weekend, the playoff dream is likely dead. Win one, or — dare we dream — both, and the Kings are still right there.

Personally, I’m choosing to keep believing. It’s simply more fun. In my head I know the Kings were never likely to pull this off, but I’ve really enjoyed this little run and the sense of hope that came with it. Contrary to popular belief, I really enjoy when the Kings are good and would welcome the opportunity to watch the Kings make the playoffs regardless of who coaches the team, who runs the front office, and who plays more minutes in a rotation. I want to see the Kings be fun and good. We’ve enjoyed a little glimpse of it recently, and I’m not ready to get off the ride until I must.