Early (but what the hell) mock offseason

Unfortunately I think the Kings retain Luke and Vlade. I also think they miss out of the playoffs and pick at the end of the lottery in the 12-14 range (basically the worst result of a season for draft purposes).

Not pick up option:

Jabari will not pick up option and look for another team/contract


Fox for Max: which if I'm not mistaken (let me know if I am) really hits the cap in 21-22

Resign Len: 3 year 16 mil (3rd team option)


Bogi: sign and trade with Pels for 1st round pick (top 10 protected) and Josh Hart

FA pickups: (not pretending we can get big names)

SF Josh Jackson 3yr 20 mil (3rd year 7 mil team option)

C Kyle O'Quinn 2 yr 6 mil


Pels pick conveys at 11-13: PF Paul Reed 2.5 defensive stud with developing offensive game

Kings pick at 14: SF Aaron Nesmith 2.3 Dude was shooting over 50% from 3 on 8 attempts per game

Both guys could be legit players that take over for Barnes and Belly

Final Roster: 15 players, 114.8 mil

PG: Fox 8, Cojo 12.6, Guy .5

SG: Buddy 26.4, Hart 3.5, James 1.5

SF: Barnes 22, Jackson 6.5, Nesmith 2.3

PF: Bagley 9, Belly 7, Reed 2.5

C: Holmes 5, Len 5, O'Quinn 3


The big hurt is I think Giles gets a slightly higher than we can offer contract from someone and leaves for 2/10.

This roster gives us a decent blend of compete for tail end of playoffs next season but still developing younger talent with high upside.

Win now players: Fox, Cojo, Buddy, Hart, Barnes, Belly, Holmes

Still Developing/high upside: Fox, Guy, Hart, James, Jackson, Nesmith, Bagley, Reed

Mid 20s maybe still developing: Len, Hart

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