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Royal Reading: Another hypothetical Buddy Hield trade

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I don’t think the Kings would say yes to this, but who knows with Vlade running the show.

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The suggestion that the Sacramento Kings trade away Buddy Hield has been a popular one amongst the folks at Bleacher Report.

Last week, Greg Swartz came up with a hypothetical move where the Kings send the 27-year-old to the Brooklyn Nets.

Now, the staff got together and came up with some potential moves for a few NBA teams to make in order to form a “Big 3.”

Bleacher Report’s Preston Ellis’ proposal is for Sacramento send Buddy Hield to the Los Angeles Lakers for Kyle Kuzma and Danny Green.

Here is a snippet from Ellis’ breakdown:

Buddy Hield became more dispensable with an expensive four-year, $86 million deal, coupled with the Sacramento Kings’ desire to re-sign Bogdan Bogdanovic to a four-year max. Head coach Luke Walton even benched Hield late in the season, possibly sealing his fate.”

This would be an instant no from me. On the offensive end, both players are not at their best when trying to create their own shot, but Hield is easily the better shooter, hitting on 39.5% of his shots from the outside, compared to Kuzma’s 29.7%.

While Kuzma has the potential to score 20 points on a given night, he is wildly inconsistent and disappears for long stretches of games. His defensive awareness is lacking and his footwork needs major help. Hield is the better scorer and spot-up shooter who keeps the floor spaced on the offensive end, but also has his struggles defensively. Both players also don’t have the best decision-making.

Green is a solid wing player, who hits threes at a good clip, but he has his ups-and-downs. He is the best defender out of the three, but his best days are clearly behind him. He would have to be involved to make the salary numbers matchup.

Still, this isn’t worth it for the Kings. They need scoring in their lineup, so getting rid of Hield for Kuzma and Green doesn’t make a ton of sense from an on-court perspective.

The one benefit for the Kings in this trade is salary reduction. Hield’s four-year extension that could pay him up to $106 million. Green has one year left worth just over $15 million and Kuzma comes cheap with his 2020-21 season paying him $3.5 million, although he will be up for an extension.

Add in the fact that it would be weird to see the Kings and Lakers trade with each other and I don’t see this even being close to a reality.

If the Kings do end up trying to move Hield, who is a realistic target you would like to see them go after?

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