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Harrison Barnes makes $40,000 donation to help families and seniors in Sacramento buy groceries

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This is Harrison Barnes’ second donation to the Sacramento community this month.

Detroit Pistons v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Harrison Barnes and his wife, Brittany, are teaming up with the The Center at Sierra Health Foundation and the Black Child Legacy Campaign (BCLC) to donate $40,000 to provide vulnerable families and seniors in Sacramento with weekly groceries for the next month, the Kings announced on Monday.

Barnes picked these specific organizations in an effort to help African Americans, who account for more than 30% of COVID-19 patients despite the fact that African Americans only make up for 13% of the general population in the United States. More than 10% of the fatalities in California have been African Americans.

“Food accessibility is a health crisis that has always affected underserved communities. This pandemic has really magnified the issue - so we knew this was an area we wanted to focus our efforts,” Barnes said via the press release the team sent out on Monday.

“During these uncertain times, we wanted to find a way to serve and be impactful to vulnerable families in our community. My wife and I were privileged to partner with The Center at Sierra Health Foundation and Black Child Legacy Campaign and its trusted partners, who are doing incredible work to ensure families in Sacramento’s most underserved communities have food on the table,” said Barnes. “We’re proud to do a small part in providing more families with food security during these difficult times.”

Barnes’ donation is part of the team’s “In This Together” initiative, which was launched in March to support the local community through the COVID-19, or coronavirus pandemic. Here’s how his donation will be spent:

Food is given to families identified by community organizations across Sacramento County. Each box contains non-perishable foods such as pasta, rice and canned goods as well as fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. Additionally, Barnes and his wife will donate Dutch Bros coffee and pastries to physicians and staff working on the front lines in the Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit.

Between this donation and the donation he made to Richaun Holmes’ cause earlier this month, Barnes is doing what he can to make the sure that the people in Sacramento County that need assistance are getting it. Good on you, HB.