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Kent Bazemore says he’s using his free time to become a better golfer

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Steph Curry might not be the best golfer in Northern California for much longer.

TOUR Championship - Round One Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Stephen Curry is widely regarded as the best golfer in the NBA with a handicap of 0. However, earlier this month, Curry was beaten by his former teammate, Kent Bazemore, in a best-of-six-holes virtual golf challenge.

Curry and Bazemore were able to compete against each other using the Full Swing golf simulators that they have in their homes. While Bazemore is still preparing to make a playoff push with Sacramento Kings in the event the season returns, he told Ohm Youngmisuk and Malika Andrews of ESPN that he’s also spent a lot of time trying to get better at golf:

The Sacramento Kings swingman has been regularly retreating to the basement of his Atlanta home, honing his skills on a golf simulator that would rival Tiger Woods’ personal setup. Video cameras and sensors track Bazemore’s every hook, slice, chip and putt.

“It is about as in-depth as I can get without being a professional golfer,” said Bazemore, who earlier this month took down former teammate Stephen Curry in a virtual match at Pebble Beach.

According to Bazemore, his handicap is currently at 8, but he’s hoping to get it down to 0 with the help of Jon Tattersall, the 2014 Georgia PGA Teacher of the Year — and, because he’s at his home in Atlanta and not Sacramento, he’s still able to go to the golf course on occasion.

Should Kings fans be worried about Bazemore hanging up his sneakers once his contract expires this year? Probably not, but it’s clear that Baze wants to be better than the average bear at golf, and he’s using his newfound free time to achieve that goal of his. Hopefully he can accomplish another goal by help the Kings compete for the final postseason slot once the season resumes.

Are the Kings going to get the chance to play out the remaining games on their schedule? Probably not, but it’s nice to dream.