The Kings lack greatness

It is so tough to put into words but I have kinda talked about this before but the Kings desperately lack "greatness." It is that certain poise, competitiveness, and fire that comes with the Kobe's, Lebron's, D Wade's etc. I quite frankly do not think anyone on this roster really has that. Fox is going to be really good and close to an all star at worst, but I do question if he has the extra fire that comes with being truly great. Like we need players who put winning above everything and are the ultimate competitors. It is what creates HEAT CULTURE, and the Kings do not have it and it starts at the top.

I think the Kings have a certain creativity and forward thinking at the top that is needed, but not combining that with elite work ethic and fire to win will not optimize it.

I look at dudes like Haliburton, Okoro, Okongwu, RJ Hampton, Tyler Bey, Tre Jones, Xavier Tillman, Grant Riller, Malachi Flynn as players who I see that kind of attitude seeping through their film. We need ultimate competitors to fill out the roster and truly challenge some of the starters and push this team to greatness. Your bench has to be full of monsters who compete and truly challenge the starts to elevate themselves.

In free agency Aron Baynes, and Josh Reaves are two decently realistic options to add some physicality and defense to go alongside our pretty solid roster. Baynes backing up Holmes would be pretty insane and would be a much needed enforcer.

I really really love Buddy Hield and the shooting he brings to the roster, but I do think trading him is a necessary step for the Kings to take.

I look at Josh Richardson as someone who would make some sense to trade for in a package with Buddy + assets.

Let's say we get a deal done where we Buddy + 2022 1st top 10 protected and some second rounders might make some sense. Hield would add a much needed sniper to go alongside Simmons and Embiid.

That would push Bogi to the bench where I think he is optimized next to a defensive combo guard like Hali, Killian, RJ Hampton. J Rich can take enough minutes at the SF position to make enough room for Bogi to get close to 30 minutes and for Hali, Killian or RJ to get close to 15-20 minutes a game. Those minutes must be earned though. COJO and someone like Malachi Flynn add depth and can get spot minutes and would be able to guard the starters and compete against the dudes getting playing time.

I also look at Demar Derozen as someone that would make some sense to trade for as well. If the Kings wanna go all in, maybe flip Hield and a pick for J Rich, Harrison Barnes + some picks for Derozan. Derozan would add much needed playmaking on the wings that HB just does not provide. Just some general ideas to try to infuse some competitiveness, winning culture, and defensive versatility. Fox and Holmes are the building blocks around which we need to add shooting, defense and secondary playmaking.

Not sure how exactly to make those deals work.

From what I have seen Derozan wants out and we may be able to strike a decent deal for him.

What type of realistic deal do y'all think would get Philly and the Spurs to pull the trigger.

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