Malachi Flynn is the real deal and so is Matt Mitchell

I have talked about Flynn a lot but the more film I watch the more it is so clear that he is worthy of a top 20 pick.

If you watch that footage to me is clear he will be an above average defender and playmaker in the league. He reminds me a lot of what Lonzo Ball is turning into as he gets his shot right.

Flynn is all around so solid. And I can't emphasize enough how well he has led that SDSU team and made tons of big shots down the stretch for them. He is a winner. And the Kings need that.

Matt Mitchell is another guy who I have talked about. He is really good at using his body to fight for position and has great touch around the rim. He reminds me of Jae Crowder a lot as an undersized forward who can really shoot and defend. He projects to be a solid mismatch 4 and Jae Crowder like physical defender. Both of those fits extremely well for the Kings and fill needs.

The Kings will win this draft if they go out and get Mason Jones, Malachi Flynn, Naji Marshall, Matt Mitchell. Those 4 must be drafted by the Kings. These are all tough, NBA ready guys who can defend, make plays for others, and be versatile shot makers. They also will fill in the Kings biggest weaknesses as Flynn would be an upgrade of COJO and the others would add much needed wing depth.

In addition to that, a Buddy trade that nets another pick would be good too. Getting a Tyler Bey, Paul Reed, Xavier Tillman, Grant Riller type player would be great as well but we will see. I might prefer swinging Buddy and future picks to net an all star caliber player though. Someone like Demar or Josh Richardson would be really good.

But the point is the Kings desperately need the toughness, playmaking, and shot making of those 4 players and they should all be available where the Kings are selecting. Undrafted Malik Fitts, Colby Ross and CJ Elleby would all be really good as well.

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