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BREAKING: De’Aaron Fox cut his hair

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De’Aaron Fox said goodbye to his dreads on Saturday, presumably because his hair was getting too long in the quarantine.

Washington Wizards v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

De’Aaron Fox has pretty much the same haircut since the Sacramento Kings drafted with him with the No. 5 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Sure, it’s varied in length, but it’s always been pretty long. Hell, you have to go all the way back to Fox’s freshman year of high school to find a picture of him with short hair, or at least that was the case before Tuesday night.

On Tuesday, the Kings posted a picture of Fox with short hair. Not short dreads, but short hair — like a buzz cut.

Despite the Kings’ caption, I didn’t believe it at first because it’s pretty easy to photoshop someone else’s hair onto another person’s head and Fox hadn’t hinted that he was going to cut of his hair, which has become an extension of himself over the years. So, I did some digging and, lo and behold, Fox shared a picture that his girlfriend Recee Caldwell took of him earlier in the day, and his locks are gone.

Photo via @recee_caldwell

Fox’s decision probably stemmed from the fact that most barber shops are closed right now due to the California governor Gavin Newsom’s stay at home order. Additionally, barbers that usually make house calls aren’t doing business right now, either, which has forced people from all across the country to let their hair grow out or make the ambitious move of cutting their own hair. If Fox is the one that cut his hair, he deserves a pat on the back because it doesn’t look bad.

Now, there are two ways this can affect Fox:

  1. His newly-shaved will make him faster than he’s ever been OR
  2. He will be a subpar player until his hair grows back because that’s where all of his power comes from

If it’s the latter, we’ll never know because the NBA season is still at least a month away from returning ... which is probably why he did it when he did it. In any case, the Dragon Ball Z gifs will have to be put on hold for now.