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Kings players Twitter reactions to ‘The Last Dance’

There are only two more episodes left!

Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

With the sports world being shutdown, ESPN’s “The Last Dance” has been a focal point for sports talk shows and fans alike.

We are getting an unfiltered view of what made the greatest basketball player of all time tick and some of the Sacramento Kings, past and present, are taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the documentary.

Richaun Holmes is loving the series:

Former King Isiah Thomas:

Former King Reggie Evans takes a shot at the snake:

Jordan dominated the Kings during his time in Chicago, with the Bulls beating Sacramento 17 out of the 20 times the teams met.

But the Kings did great against the Bulls without MJ. The team’s first season in Sacramento was 1985-86, when they beat Chicago in both meetings, which Jordan missed due to injury.

When Jordan was playing baseball, the Kings won three out of four meetings against the Scottie Pippen led Bulls.

We are eight episodes into the documentary, with the final two airing next Sunday. It has been fascinating to see how much of a bully Jordan was to his teammates, but when you win six championships, no one can argue with your methods.

What do you think of the documentary so far?