Sacramento needs a new play-by-play announcer. Who will it be?

The dreadful era of Peaches is over at last!

He is also off his afternoon radio show on 1140 and that void is welcome, but also needs to be filled.

For the Kings job there are numerous candidates with local ties:

  • Gary Gerould
  • Doug Christie
  • Jerry Reynolds (in some capacity)
  • Jason Ross
  • Katie Hunter
  • Jim Kozimor
  • Kara Lawson (who would have to be pried from her assistant coaching job with Boston)
  • Carmichael Dave (who would inject humor and passion)
  • Chris Webber (if he would leave TNT)
  • Brian Wheeler (but he left his job as voice of the Trail Blazers over health concerns)
  • James Ham (just kidding)
Anybody like to chime in with other candidates?

My first choice would be Kara Lawson who played for the Monarchs and is currently an assistant coach with the Boston Celtics. She was also a television analyst for the Wizards and also for ESPN. I would team her up with Doug Christie. The other supporting broadcast staff could be retained too. And cameo appearances by Jerry Reynolds who seems to be in semi-retirement would be great.

One other person with high profile that might jump at the job is Amy Lawrence. But her ties are East Coast.

For the remainder of this season I see Gary Gerould as the best solution. He is the radio voice of the Kings and sticks to his broadcasting unlike Peaches.

For the radio show give it to Carmichael Dave or Jason Ross. Or bring back Mike Lamb.

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