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Buddy Hield says he’s ‘happy to be here’ after testing positive for coronavirus

The Sacramento guard is grateful that his case wasn’t worse as he was mostly asymptomatic.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Sacramento Kings Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Buddy Hield’s trip to Orlando for the NBA restart was delayed a few days by the coronavirus, but the Sacramento guard is grateful for his health, and the fact that he gets to join his team in the push for the playoffs.

The man who thanks God every day for life, health, and strength, knows he has more to be thankful for after fighting off the coronavirus. Hield said he was mostly fine after contracting the virus, though he did spend one day with a head cold and chills. Mostly, he was fearful that he could pass it on to one of his family members.

“I wasn’t scared of it, or anything like that,” Hield told the media Tuesday. “I tested positive and I just was concerned about the people who surround me, like my daughter, my girls and everybody, my family, my brother and my cousin. People who I playing with or just working out with, making sure they’re alright, because I didn’t want the body to get impacted by it. I don’t want to be my carelessness, you know, causing somebody to lose their life or, you know something, I was worried for people I was around.”

Now that he has recovered from the virus, the Kings guard knows that he has to be more mindful of health and safety precautions, namely washing his hands and not touching his face, even in the bubble. The fact that he has beaten the virus once doesn’t give him complete confidence that it won’t resurface.

“We don’t know how this thing works,” Hield said. “This thing’s medical, so doctors have to do more research and figure out what this, what this thing does. Does it stay in your body or does it leave and we can get it back in a couple of months? We don’t know yet, so we’ve got to be more safe.

“I’m just happy to be here right now. Thank God it wasn’t as bad as a lot of people. A lot of people are dying from it, so I’m just happy to be here.”

Hield has been preparing to play again essentially since the hiatus began. He has a basketball hoop at his home and was working out five days a week during the league’s suspension, even attempting to stay in shape after he tested positive for the coronavirus. After being away from the team for a few weeks, Hield gets a chance to help finish the mission the Kings had when the season paused: chase down Memphis for the final seed in the Western Conference playoffs.

The team needs Hield to accomplish that goal, and now that he’s in Orlando, he’s ready to to play his part.