Carmichael Dave Speaks Out

Carmichael Dave spoke up on BSM (Barrett Sports Media) addressing the demise of Grant Napear. You can read the article here:

Carmichael Dave considered Grant a friend and mentor since they both worked for KTHK and also because Carmichael Dave was a gadfly in helping to keep the Kings in Sacramento when the Maloofs seemed intent on selling them to the Seattle group. Dave actually took some responsibility for what happened to Grant, saying that he should have taken the time to talk about and explain the ins and outs of the BLM movement. In other words, he thought he should have schooled Napear on the subject. And he said others close to Grant should have done the same.

But Doug Christie was closer to Napear than perhaps anyone else. He shared the Kings broadcasts with Grant and also was on the Grant Napear Afternoon show. And Christie did speak up on more than one occasion about what it was like for him to grow up as a black man in America as he was an NBA player. Doug was born in Seattle and went to school in Southern California (Pepperdine). Doug played for the Lakers, the Knicks, and Toronto before being traded to the Kings. And of course he played all over the country as an NBA player and told Grant that he had experienced racism often in various cities..

When Christie explained to Napear that he personally suffered discrimination during his playing career Napear seemed surprised; even shocked. Grant seemed to realize that his view of BLM was skewed by his white privileged life. But he never applied that realization to situations other than those told by his media partner.

Remember that Grant said that the owner of the Clippers, Donald Sterling, could not be a racist because he had hired a black GM (Elgin Baylor who sued Sterling) and a black head coach (Doc Rivers). Napear ignored the news stories that got Sterling in trouble with the NBA which ended up banning the owner for life, forcing him to sell the team.

Napear also showed his insensitivity when he categorically criticized Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem. I suppose he can be forgiven for that one since the NFL miffed on that issue until this year.

Grant's inability to appreciate the racial issues that have persisted in this country proved to be his downfall. He was so wrapped up in his own life that he could not see what was happening with systemic racism even though he was surrounded by black athletes and even a minority owner on a daily basis.

Carmichael Dave said it best when he noted, "We have to understand the phrase Black Lives Matter is so important. It is so vital, I hope we’re waking up as a society, saying that ignorance is no longer excusable and what may have been acceptable in the past is no longer the case. Saying Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean you don’t care about other life, it means you’re aware there is a systemic issue happening. That you’re aware and ready to help effect change.".

But Grant was pompous and arrogant. He got nicknamed "Peaches" in a funny incident when STR produced T-shirts with Grant's face on them with the word Peaches below his mug. Scot Pollard was among the Kings who thought it was funny and wore one of the shirts to practice. But "Peaches" was furious and threatened to sue even though the proceeds were being donated to an animal charity. This was a great example of Napear's insensitivity and inability to consider the opinions of others.

After Napear resigned from the Kings he said of his feuds with DeMarcus Cousins and Chris Webber that those two were the most sensitive players he had ever known. Grant thought sensitivity was a fault. But it was Peaches own INSENSITIVITY that cost him his two jobs.


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