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Buddy Hield trade scenarios

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The Sac Bee’s Richard Ivanowski came up with some potential deals for the disgruntled guard.

Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings have a lot of work to do this offseason. Vlade Divac and Peja Stojakovic are gone. Hall of Famer Joe Dumars is running the front office in the short-term while the team searches for its new general manager.

Sacramento has four pending unrestricted free agents with Kent Bazemore, Alex Len, Yogi Ferrell, and Harry Giles all up for new deals. Bogdan Bogdanovic is an RFA who should be brought back by the new regime. The Kings will have the 12th overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, but they will have to be creative if they want to shake up the roster and make a run at the playoffs next season.

One way to do that would be trading guard Buddy Hield. The 27 year old was testy after Sacramento wrapped up its season in the bubble. When asked if he was content with his role on the team, Hield answered with this:

“Y’all know me. Y’all know how I talk. Y’all know how I feel. Y’all can read me well, so I’ll let y’all answer that yourselves.”

Hield is locked into a four-year extension that kicks in next season. He will be due up to $106 million with incentives, so if the management group isn’t sold on his long-term future with the organization, they can look to move him to a new team.

The Sac Bee’s Richard Ivanowski came up with a list of hypothetical deals involving Hield, and one, in particular, stood out to me:

Sacramento gets: Tobias Harris

Philadelphia gets: Hield, Jabari Parker

“Adding Harris would address the Kings’ need at forward while adding a big-name player that normally wouldn’t be accessible to a smaller market like Sacramento. Harris averaged 19.4 points and 6.7 rebounds while shooting 39.3% from deep in his last three seasons. He could push for an All-Star appearance.

However, big names cost big money. Harris is locked in at $149 million over the next four years. If the Kings want to rebuild again, this contract would make that nearly impossible. Philadelphia, on the other hand, might jump at the opportunity to lighten its salary while adding an elite shooter to play next to Ben Simmons.”

Harris would be an intriguing fit with the Kings. The 28 year old is an above-average 3-point shooter, so Sacramento wouldn’t be downgrading too much by trading away the sharp-shooting Hield.

The Kings should be looking to fill out the roster around point guard De’Aaron Fox, who is on the verge of becoming a perennial NBA All-Star. Harris’ game is ideal alongside Fox. He doesn’t need the ball in his hands consistently and brings intangibles that Hield doesn’t possess. Harris is a good rebounder and can handle his own on the defensive end.

The Philadelphia 76ers were 3.1 points better per 100 possessions with Harris on the court. His 6.2 win shares ranked second on the team behind Ben Simmons.

With Fox controlling the play, Harris’ catch-and-shoot abilities would come in handy. He hit on 44% of his corner 3’s, and 86% of his makes from beyond-the-arc came off assists. Sacramento would have Harris, Bogdanovic, and Harrison Barnes as wings, giving head coach Luke Walton plenty of options with his lineups.

Philadelphia may look to make some changes after being swept in the first round by the Boston Celtics. The 76ers have a ton of money tied up with Harris, Al Horford, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, and the results just haven’t come. Harris might be the chip they use to shake things up, and if they do, Sacramento should definitely make an offer.

What do you think of Harris’ potential fit with the Kings?

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