Bubble Games Scrubbed

The Milwaukee Bucks started the decision to postpone today’s game. A unanimous decision by other teams followed suit. We will soon find out if this will mean the end of the season. Of course this is all about the police killing of Jacob Blake.

I wonder what media personalities make of this. When Colin Kaepernick knelt during the National Anthem many of them condemned Kaepernick’s protest as an attack on the flag and the military even though Kap said repeatedly that he was protesting the killings and racist treatment of black people by some law enforcement.

Grant Napear was among those who objected to players using games as a venue for their protests. But as the killings of black lives by police continued to happen over and over again the Black Lives Matter movement has become recognized by owners of teams, media, and people of all ethnicities to accept protests as necessary. Grant Napear continued to voice his opposition to the idea and it ultimately cost him his media jobs. Napear’s demise served as a warning to others to be sympathetic to BLM or at least to keep their bigoted racist opinions to themselves.

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