Massive (realistic) trade exodus

The focus of this post will be to build a young high potential roster to play maximum minutes the rest of the season, while also hopefully reducing future cap restrains to allow McNair the flexibility to play with.

First trade:

Kings get - Aminu, Bamba

Magic get - Cojo

With the Magic having a great start to the season and really feeling like playoff contenders they don't want to let the Fultz injury derail them so they replace him with Cojo. With Khem Birch having a breakout season it's even tougher to get Bamba minutes so they use him to replace Fultz for the year while also saving cap room by getting rid of the Aminu contract. Kings get a very high potential big that can defend the paint and shoot the 3, while actually saving 3 mil on the cojo/aminu contract next year (expiring).

Second trade:

Kings get - JJ Reddick, Jaxson Hayes

Pelicans get - Buddy

Pelis just signed Adams to a big deal and Jaxson is now down to roughly 10 min a game after a decent start to his career at age 19, he is still only 20 with a ton of upside in a bit more traditional role as a big. They get a long term JJ replacement with Buddy, and it also facilitates the trade cap wise.

Kings get another high potential big and save a ton of cap room next year as Reddick is an expiring.

Third trade:

Kings get - Romeo Langford, Aaron Nesmith, Daniel Theis, Javante Green, Bos 2021 1st lottery protected

Boston get - Barnes, Belly, Holmes

On the trade website this says it adds a projected win total of 15 games to boston! They are absolutely stacked for the year, two of the contracts are expiring, and Barnes is def playing to the contract. This trade puts boston all in on the title this year without really hurting their future.

Kings get a TON of high upside youth with Langford, Nesmith and bostons end of the the first pick, saves salary cap for next year, and really embraces youth and potential.

Fourth trade:

Kings get - Jarrett Culver, Jaden McDaniels

Wolves get - Bagley

With Russell, Rubio, and Edwards, Culver has fallen somewhat out of the rotation for a #6 overall just last year. Bagley is a perfect fit next to a unicorn like KAT and I think would do so much better away from this roster and the expectations not only mentally, but on a roster with a piece that he needs.

Kings get rid of the bust stigma and player that likely will never reach max development here and get some serious upside in Culver and this years #28 pick McDaniels.

Main pieces in the transfers:

Kings lose - Cojo (G), Buddy (G), Barnes (F), Belly (F), Holmes (B), Bagley (F)

Kings get - Bamba (B), Hayes (B), Langford (G), Nesmith (F), Culver (G/F), McDaniels (F), 2021 1st from Boston

Main pieces to play the rest of the year:

Guards: Fox, Hali, Langford, Culver

Forwards: Nesmith, McDaniels, Culver

Bigs: Bamba, Hayes

That gives us 8 young, high potential first round picks to develop with the oldest being Fox...think about that. We would also have a ton of cap space available next offseason that McNair could use to decide on who to keep, or where to fill spots with Veterans.

What are your thoughts?

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