Kings need to inject defense and playmaking

With the leaps from Fox and Buddy, the solid vet contributions from Barnes and Holmes, the Kings are in a nice position to be competitive on a nightly basis, but still lose enough to add another lottery talent.

A couple of players for the Kings to target to add much needed defense and playmaking are Scottie Barnes, Miles McBride, Dalano Banton. These three would be great targets with the current picks we posses. I also would not mind quietly poking around to see what value Buddy Hield has. A deal moving him to the Knicks for Knox, Ntilikina, and the Mavs first in 2021 would be intriguing. You could add Jared Butler with that mid first who would inject a solid and steady floor general for the second unit. I think both him and McBride would be nice additions to the backcourt to compliment Fox and Haliburton. Would kind of be like what Phoenix has with Cameron Payne and Jevon Carter. High energy and efficient guys who can make plays on both sides of the floor but limited in their own shot creation.

Scottie Barnes lacks some polish as a shooter and scorer, but he can guard on the perimeter with the best of them. He has elite physical tools at 6'9 with good feet and length. He is really good at containing penetration while always being ready to get vertical to contest a midrange pull-up. When engaged, Barnes can be elite in that department, and in the NBA once he adds 10-15 pounds of muscle his first few years I think can guard 1-4.

His lack of a consistent jump shot does reduce his ceiling, and without a major leap from Fox in the department, it may be difficult to start the two together unless complimentary moves are made to inject more shooting into the frontcourt. His creative passing though is what is most intriguing about his game, and the Kings have not had this type of wing creator for a while. Personally, if the Kings commit to playing fast, the Kings could honestly slot Barnes with Fox, Hali, Buddy, and H.Barnes to be able to have 3 shooters around the playmaking of Fox and Barnes.

Miles McBride is a really good defender out of West Virginia, an absolute ball hawk and disruptor. Offensively raw, but his shot looks good. I think he could be a Jevon Carter, DeAnthony Melton type of rotation level player. Honestly could be a cheaper version of what Cory Joseph brings as well.

Dalano Banton is a bit more enigmatic, but the 6'9 Guard/Forward is a really intriguing 2 way playmaker our of Nebraska. He has elite feel, and passing IQ, but lacks shot creation and consistent shooting. Defensively can be really disruptive for opposing offenses. He reminds me a bit of Haliburton where he does not fit the traditional mold of a wing, but but he can pass, and defend at the next level in an NBA rotation in my opinion, the biggest question mark as to if he could be a 6th man versus a 9th or 10th man is whether or not he can consistency knock down perimeter shots.

Jared Butler is a guy who I really like for the Kings. Like Malachi Flynn, does not have the elite burst to blow by defenders at the next level, but his handle and IQ are really good. He would be able to run the second unit, knockdown shots and be a solid defender. I think he would be an upgrade over Cory Joseph within a couple years of being drafted, and would be a really good compliment to Haliburton in the second unit. Butler will also be really good off the ball next to Fox in spot minutes as well.

I think Neomus Quita is intriguing in the late second. If you red shirt him and let him add muscle for a year, then next year let him dominate in the G-league and then the next year he could be a rotation big for you. It is similar to what the Kings appear to be doing with Woodard and Ramsey which I really like. They get to experience practice with the Kings, add muscle and work with our development team, and get some spot minutes at the end of the fourth in blowouts to get comfortable out there. Next year they get to show what they are capable of in the G-league. Really like the gameplan.

Possible rotation after 2021 draft



H.Barnes/Jeffries/S. Barnes/Woodard



Can add some solid vet guys like Brad Wanamaker, Tyler Johnson, Jakarr Sampson, Quinn Cook to this mix. I would not mind throwing something at Alex Caruso, I think Hali + Caruso led 2nd unit would be really fun.

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