Grant Napear Initiates Lawsuit

Grant Napear says he wants his reputation back so he is suing his former radio station employer for wrongful termination. The problem for him is that he still has his reputation intact as an egotistical, insensitive 60 year old man who is out of touch with the issues that started the BLM movement. He has landed in a good place for someone with his racist views. He lives in south Florida now where he has a willing audience ready to listen and follow his obscure little podcast.

He is suing the owners of the radio station who are a group of Seventh Day Adventists from Salt Lake City. He claims wrongful termination. But the company clearly stated they were parting ways with Napear because he didn’t represent their views on BLM in the weeks after George Floyd’s murder.

Grant Napear was given the nickname "Peaches " when some within the Sactown Royalty made up some T-shirts for sale with the proceeds going to funds to help animals in need. The T-shirts featured a picture of Grant on the front resembling a grownup Howdy Doody with some peaches below his mug and the letters spelling P E A C H E S on the back. Several Kings players sported the fundraising shirts in fun. Scott Pollard (a Napear favorite) was one who was filmed wearing one of the shirts. But Grant wanted no part in the charitable venture and demanded an end to the venture and threatened to sue. Rather than allow some money to be raised for a good cause Napear squashed it all because he only laughs at his own jokes. But the episode solidified the nickname "PEACHES " for life.

Now he is suing again because he says he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. He just doesn’t get what BLM is about. At first when he realized his gaff he admitted that he needed to study the issue more. But instead he ran away to start his little obscure podcast and press the issue with a lawsuit. Peaches real loss was his resignation from his employment with the Sacramento Kings. But he isn’t trying to sue the Kings. I mean, after all, he quit. He wasn’t fired.

Everyone in the media has been pretty mum about Grant’s demise. But I heard two of the radio station employees state that they felt bad for their friend; Carmichael Dave and Doug Christie. And yet Napear lashed out and called Christie a coward.

Instead of suing this guy would be better served by being a little contrite. But Grant cannot summon an ounce of humility to apologize for being out of touch with the players, coaches, and colleagues he affronted. He is and always will be Peaches, the guy who sued to stop the fundraising effort to help pets in need.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)