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NBA Reacts: Fans are in favor of new shooting foul rules

The NBA seems to be moving in the right direction with its officiating, at least in one area.

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Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

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This season, the NBA has made an effort to cut down on shooting fouls drawn by the offensive player and, without naming any names, it’s affected some players more than others. But while some players aren’t fans of the change, the fans seem to be.

According to this week’s survey, 87% of fans are in favor of the NBA’s reinterpretation of the shooting foul rules. Additionally, only 14% of fans think the rule change is unfair to Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden, who many believe was at the center of the league’s shift.

Sacramento Kings guard De’Aaron Fox was asked about the rule change earlier this week and it’s safe to say he doesn’t think it’s affecting him in the least.

“Y’all ain’t never seen me do some shit that’s unnatural, so I don’t have an answer to that one,” Fox told reporters.

The one “change” fans aren’t on the same page about is the NBA’s end-of-game review process. According to this week’s survey only 30% fans have thought the review process is more efficient than it’s been in the past.

Things often change with officiating as the season progresses — hopefully it’s for the better this season.

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