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Reacts: NBA fans side with Sixers over Ben Simmons

NBA fans are not exactly rushing to side with Ben Simmons as he holds out with years left on his contract to try and get the Sixers to trade him.

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NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Sacramento Kings Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

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While the Sacramento Kings have been all but ruled out of the Ben Simmons trade saga due to their reported unwillingness to send De’Aaron Fox or Tyrese Haliburton to the Philadelphia 76ers in a trade for the disgruntled All-Star, it’s still the biggest ongoing preseason storyline going on in the NBA, with the latest update being that the Sixers asked for three first-round picks and three pick swaps in addition to C.J. McCollum.

Unsurprisingly, the Blazers balked at that offer.

But with Simmons still refusing to show up to camp even though the Sixers are fining him money (and he can’t get it back), Philadelphia fans aren’t exactly taking their soon-to-be-former star’s side, according to our latest SB Nation Reacts poll:

But while Sixers fans being universally angry about something is not exactly breaking news, what is a little more notable is that the majority of fans of other teams are also taking the organization’s side over that of Simmons.

And elsewhere in national consensus differing from that of local fans, while the majority of neutral NBA fans don’t feel as strongly about it as they do about taking the Sixers’ side over that of Simmons, there is also a disconnect between how basketball fans and Lakers fans view their offseason addition of Russell Westbrook:

Lakers fans being homers is also not exactly a shock, but our neighbors in Golden State may be just as divergent — or more — from the national view of their own team.

And hey, if Warriors fans want to use some of Stephen Curry’s few prime years left to develop rookies, who are we to stop them?

Finally, in an evaluation of last year’s NBA Finals matchup, fans we polled see the Milwaukee Bucks’ success as a lot more repeatable than that of the Phoenix Suns:

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