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Luke Walton is ‘comfortable’ with relying heavily on three-guard lineups

Walton is less concerned with size and more concerned with team rebounding.

Sacramento Kings v LA Clippers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

If you take a quick look at the Sacramento Kings’ roster, it becomes evident that there is a lack of reliable wing talent outside of Harrison Barnes.

It’s something I’ve written about extensively this offseason, and continue to see as a major weakness heading into the season, especially when the Kings start to face some of the star wings the NBA has to offer.

Head coach Luke Walton and the Kings’ brass apparently don’t see this positional imbalance as much of weakness, however.

Walton cites the fact that the team has really good guard play to mostly make up for it. Walton says his main concern regardless of the size of the guys he has out there is getting rebounds and stops on defense.

“We have a lot really good guard play and position isn’t as important in today’s NBA as it used to be, but between De’Aaron and Tyrese and Buddy and Davion and TD, that’s a lot of talent, and those are guys we want on the court,” Walton told reporters on Wednesday. “But we can only play them the minutes we want if we’re able to get stops and rebounds. So, as long as we’re doing that, then I’m comfortable playing some of those guys at the 3.”

So far this preseason, that comment has rung true as the Kings have devoted a lot of minutes to three-guard lineups, with three of Fox, Haliburton, Hield, Mitchell, and Davis seemingly always on the court. It’s been two preseason games, so everything must be taken with a grain of salt, but the three-guard lineups have looked really solid thus far.

It’s clear that most of the talent on the Kings’ roster resides in the backcourt, but whether three-guard lineups can be a reliable night in and night out solution during the dregs of the NBA season remains to be seen.