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Kings unveil 75th anniversary season Nike City Edition jerseys

Sacramento’s new threads are a blast from the past in the best way.

Photo via Sacramento Kings digital

In what is a universally exciting day filled with opinions both good and bad, the newest batch of Nike City Edition jerseys are among us. This year being the 75th anniversary of the NBA, there is a clear theme that threads the needle of every team’s new — or rather, old — style: homage.

The announcement comes “on the anniversary of the first-ever NBA game played between the New York Knicks and the Toronto Huskies,” according NBA Communications via Twitter.

The Sacramento Kings City Edition uniforms display the team’s classic purple and black coloring, with “Sactown” displayed over the chest and each player’s number with white netted meshing as a filler. Kings digital shared that the inspiration for these jerseys was pulling from the most “significant” eras of the franchise’s existence, which can lead fans back to the late nineties and early 2000’s-style, where we saw a dominant team at the peak of their powers.

Photo via Sacramento Kings digital

The details of these jerseys are delicious, with subtle tributes to all of the things that have shaped the franchise into what it is today. Included in this is the ‘Sacramento Proud’ mantra the team adopted some five or six years ago on the jersey shorts, along with a center piece paying homage to the Kansas City Royals in shape and style.

Photo via Sacramento Kings digital

The good news: the Kings did not bring back the rancid gold and purple jerseys that are known to be the most objectively ugly threads the association has ever seen. Holding on to the good cornerstones of the franchise were clearly top of mind with Nike’s collaboration, holding close to the last time Sacramento really saw its true success.

Photo via Sacramento Kings digital

Maybe these throwback uniforms will rub off on the talent the Kings already posses, and there could be flashes of “The Greatest Show on Court” from this dynamic squad. One thing is for certain: seeing franchise cornerstones like De’Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield and Tyrese Haliburton in these threads is going to be a treat.

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