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NBA fines Richaun Holmes $15K for throwing headband

The NBA puts its foot down after Richaun Holmes reacted to his ejection.

New Orleans Pelicans v Sacramento Kings Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

During Wednesday night's 112-99 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans at Golden 1 Center, Sacramento Kings forward-center Richaun Holmes was ejected after receiving his second technical foul with 9:49 remaining in the third quarter.

The technical foul was called after Holmes reacted to receiving his fourth personal foul of the game. Like most players often are, Holmes was unhappy with the officiating of the game.

Being the passionate and emotional player that he is, Holmes couldn’t just walk away peacefully. While heading to the bench he frustratedly ripped off his headband and launched it into the crowd, prompting official Tony Brothers to throw him out of the game.

On Thursday, NBA President of League Operations, Byron Spruell, announced that the league is punishing Holmes by fining him $15K for the incident.

Though this may seem a little dramatic to some, the league has been known to fine players when they don’t act in a way that represents the image they want to uphold. This fine likely comes in part from the fact that Holmes interacted with fans during the pandemic. The league has been extremely strict on how it is handling COVID-19 and will not hesitate to punish a player pushing their boundaries.

Thankfully, this will not disqualify Holmes from their upcoming game against the Charlotte Hornets on Friday, November 5, at Golden 1 Center. Holmes plays a major role on the team and will be needed in order secure the Kings’ next victory.