Is McNair a Buffoon, Puppet or Both?

I am no genius, and sure no NBA GM, but I have written before that the Kings are too young. McNair has done nothing to improve the Kings roster. Signing back every player from the year before when the team the year before was a 31-41 team was no move to improve. Buffoon or Puppet?

Firing the coach in season is a Buffoon move. Should have been done before the season period!!!

Not trading two guys who have publicly said they wanted out of Sacramento. Buffoon or Puppet?

Drafting a point guard again when clearly the Kings have other needs is a statement to your $163m point guard that you don't believe in him. Buffoon move?

Then to top it off, one of the best scorers in the 4th is Fox, your point guard, and you sit him for 4 to 6 minutes in every 4th period. That stat is what the GM should be saying to the coach. Buffoon or Puppet?

Making the statement that Fox and Haliburton are not on the table for any trades is only what a Buffoon or Puppet does when they have a losing team.

Having three point guards doesn't work. Not playing your best scorer for the whole 4th quarter and not improving your roster clearly is not going to work. Buffoon or Puppet

Two years ago, the starting five--Fox, Hield, Barnes, Bagley, Holmes 31/41

Last year, the starting five--Fox, Hield, Barnes, Bagley, Holmes 31/41

This year, the starting five--Fox PG, Haliburton PG, Barnes SF, Harkless SF, Holmes C 8/14 so far

Again, I am no GM, but I am a fan who has seen enough. To say firing coaches and losing games because of your team, McNair, is out of balance and is degrading to your players for over redundance of players at the same positions. Because no players can flourish in their position is on you McNair. Buffon or Puppet or Both?

What I can say is, I am NOT buying game tickets or Kings merchandise to your clown show anymore. I am Not a Buffoon or a Puppet, period!

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