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Sacramento remains a ‘likely destination’ for Ben Simmons

The Sixers are reportedly looking for a top 25 player in exchange for Simmons

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Philadelphia 76ers v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

With the recent news that the Philadelphia 76ers would begin to ramp up their Ben Simmons trade discussions once the Dec. 15 deadline for players who signed this past offseason to be traded, some more information has dropped regarding Simmons and his potential next team.

Matt Moore (@HPBasketball on Twitter) of the Action Network gathered trade intel and chatter from what he’s been hearing around the NBA based on conversations he’s had with league executives, scouts, and other sources:

Sacramento remains a likely destination based on the relationship between Morey and GM Monte McNair.

The Kings would likely have to be willing to part with at least one of Tyrese Haliburton or De’Aaron Fox to acquire Simmons. Multiple reports have indicated that the Kings weren’t willing to include either, although it would be interesting to see whether the Kings would include one if it were the only way to get a deal for Simmons done.

Moore also went on to mention that Buddy Hield and Harrison Barnes are expected to be on the market this trade deadline season. Hield is unsurprising as it seems like the Kings and Hield have been working towards a split for more than a year now, but Barnes on the other hand is a bit more surprising.

It’s hard to see the Kings getting much value for Hield, who is having perhaps the worst season of his career so far and is on the books for more than $39 Million over the next two seasons.

Barnes, however, is the type of player that fits on every team and the Kings should get a good package for should they decide to move him.