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The Kings open the second half of the schedule hosting the Rockets

Here’s what else to look for in the second half of the schedule.

Indiana Pacers v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

The remainder of the NBA schedule was released today. Here’s the full schedule of who the Kings are projected to play in the second half of the season. Keep in mind, postponements may have affect some of these matchups, as they did during the first half.

  • 3/11 vs. Houston
  • 3/13 at Atlanta
  • 3/15 at Charlotte
  • 3/17 at Washington
  • 3/19 at Boston
  • 3/20 at Philadelphia
  • 3/22 at Cleveland
  • 3/24 vs. Atlanta
  • 3/25 vs. Golden State
  • 3/27 vs Cleveland
  • 3/29 at San Antonio
  • 3/31 at San Antonio
  • 4/2 vs. Lakers
  • 4/3 vs. Milwaukee
  • 4/5 at Minnesota
  • 4/8 vs. Detroit
  • 4/10 at Utah
  • 4/12 at New Orleans
  • 4/14 vs. Washington
  • 4/15 at Phoenix
  • 4/18 at Dallas (NBA TV)
  • 4/20 vs. Minnesota
  • 4/21 vs. Minnesota
  • 4/25 at Golden State (NBA TV)
  • 4/26 vs. Dallas (NBA TV)
  • 4/28 vs. Utah
  • 4/30 at Lakers (NBA TV)
  • 5/2 at Dallas
  • 5/4 at Oklahoma City
  • 5/5 at Indiana
  • 5/7 vs. San Antonio
  • 5/9 vs. Oklahoma City
  • 5/11 vs. Oklahoma City
  • 5/13 at Memphis
  • 5/14 at Memphis
  • 5/16 vs. Utah

A few takeaways!

  • The Kings get an early start to the second half, opening up the Thursday after the All-Star break against the Rockets. This will be a vastly different Houston team than the first two times these squads met now that James Harden is in Brooklyn, but fellow All-Star hopeful Christian Wood should be back for the Rockets.
  • Once the games resume, the Kings won’t have a more than one day off between contests until April, when they have three such gaps. The three days between hosting Minnesota and playing in Golden State should be a useful reset for Sacramento, much like the postponed games gap helped the Kings turn things around (for a stretch) during the first half.
  • The longest road trip is six games, right at the start of the second half. The Kings will start in Atlanta on March 13 and finish in Cleveland on March 22. This stretch could be a good bellwether for the team’s playoff hopes, and wouldn’t you know, the trade deadline is on March 25.
  • The longest home stand is only three games. However, the Kings do have a five game stretch spanning nine days when they won’t have to leave northern California.
  • No TNT or ESPN games currently on the schedule, but there are four NBA TV matchups.
  • The postponed Memphis games won’t get made up until the final week of the season. The Kings also have two game sets in San Antonio and at home against Minnesota and Oklahoma City.

What are you looking forward to most in the second half of the season?