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SB Nation Reacts: Does All-Star Weekend make sense this year?

Let’s De’Aaron the side of caution.

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2020 NBA All-Star - MTN DEW 3-Point Contest Photo by Ivan Shum - Clicks Images/Getty Images

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Last night, after another superlative fourth-quarter performance to lead the Kings to their fifth win in five games, De’Aaron Fox was asked for his thoughts on making the All-Star game this season. It would be a first-time honor for the fourth-year guard, but Fox was more concerned about the existence of the game itself.

As Fox notes, it seems “stupid” to have an All-Star Game when there are so many safety precautions in place to make the regular season happen. Even with the extra protocols, 24 games have been postponed through the first six weeks, including two for Sacramento.

The league is apparently finalizing plans regardless, because “money makes the world go round”, like Fox said. Incidentally, that’s also the reason why Fox said he would play if he were selected, because he doesn’t want to incur the hefty fine that comes from healthy players sitting out, though that would presumably have to be waived during a season like this.

The Kings star isn’t alone in his opinion about the All-Star Game. In the latest SB Nation Reacts survey, 61 percent of fans believe that the NBA should not put on the game this year.

It would be great for Fox to be honored as an All-Star even without a game if he continues this stellar run of play, but that can happen even without an exhibition. Fox would be the first All-Star for Sacramento since DeMarcus Cousins in 2017, and what a dramatic weekend that ended up being.

As for the rest of the festivities, the fan vote was more mixed. If the game is hosted, the survey results show that 51 percent of fans would support adding the dunk contest, 3-point shootout, and skills challenge, even if that means bringing more people from around the country to All-Star Weekend. That could give Buddy Hield the opportunity to defend his shooting crown from a year ago.

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