Trade Question from Boston

So disclaimer, I’m a Celtics fan. From an outside perspective on your team, you seem to be trending in the right direction, just unsure if you have enough fire power to compete in the west until Fox takes it to another level and Haliburton develops. Right now I feel your curling isn’t anything more than a 6 seed this season and that’s only if everything breaks right. Again, just from an outside perspective I feel like your best chance of winning is with Fox and Haliburton rather than this Buddy and Barnes as the sidekicks.

So with that said, would you guys have any interest in trading Barnes and what would you need in return for him from Boston (don’t think Buddy is a good fit with us)? Celtics have a TPE so they don’t need to match salaries (but it would help to take like ~$5M) and they own all of their picks. The Jays, Smart, and Pritchard would be untouchables (and Theis and Rob Williams would be near untouchable).

That would leave the available guys being:

Tristan Thompson - One of the best locker room guys in the league, not having the best season tho. He was hurt more than most with limited training camp and began the season hurt. Done better the past 5+ games tho so maybe that’s the norm now that he’s more healthy and has had more time to build chemistry. Can’t be traded for a few weeks because he signed this offseason. He’s signed through next year at $8M.

Jeff Teague - a wily vet playing on the minimum who’s best days are very much behind him. Gonna be honest, he kinda sucks now but he has loads of experience so maybe he could be good with helping Fox get to the next level. Please take him just so that he can’t play for us and give PP more playing time. Just like TT, he can’t be traded for a few weeks.

Javonte Green - 27 year old 2nd year wing. Maybe the most athletic guy on the entire team. Very active on defense has been used as an energy booster. Offensively his specialty is getting steals for fast break dunks. He’s limited from being a consistent rotational guy for us by his below average jump shot.

Carsen Edwards - 2nd year (early 2nd round) undersized combo guard who’s built like a fire hydrant. Not a great playmaker and and a very streaky shooter. Was a good player in college player that a lotta people were excited about. Didn’t have a good rookie season but legitimately seems like a guy who just needs minutes and the more he plays the better he plays. Had the best game of his career last night against the Clippers when he was given the opportunity to play 30 minutes. As of right now he’s not really ready to be a rotation guy but he has legitimate potential as a microwave off the bench. A high energy defender who does his best despite his size.

Semi Ojeleye - big 3&D wing (def better D than 3) who’s been having his best season so far mainly in attacking close outs and finishing at the rim (also known as a "Giannis stopper"). He was also one of the best corner 3 shooters last season. He’s also on an expiring contract but you should have his bird rights if I’m not mistaken.

Grant Williams - 2nd year (22nd overall last year I think) small ball center or a 4 who’s got a really high BBIQ. His career so far has been kinda interesting in that he got minutes as a rookie because of his high level defense, largely off ball, but couldn’t do much on offense. He infamously missed his first 25 3s but since the playoffs last season and all of this season he’s been money from 3 shooting over 45% I think. Unfortunately his defense hasn’t too great this year but even outside of the shooting he’s had a bigger role in the offense. He’s shown that he has the offensive and defensive potential to be a high level starter, really the only thing holding him back is that he’s only 6’6 which kind of limits him to the 4 most of the time.

Romeo Langford - A 2nd year (15th overall I think) wing who’s essentially still a rookie just cuz he hasn’t been able to stay healthy enough to get on the court (had offseason surgery and isn’t back yet, but likely will be sometime this month). But when’s he been out there the promise is evident and he’s done great. Definitely a developmental jump shot but very comfortable with the ball and driving who looks to be a good playmaker once he garners more attention. Despite originally being seen as a primarily offensive product he’s shown to be a good long hustle defender who’s a lot stronger than his frame suggests. Last season against the Lakers he was the primary defender against LeBron for stretches and held his own in his post against Lebron. He’s very active off ball and has a knack of getting into passing lanes and getting hustle rebounds. As you can see by how long this write up is, I’m very excited for Romeo. Also just due to our roster construction (and his value likely being depreciated due to his injuries) I’d imagine Boston wouldn’t love to give him up but in no way is he untouchable.

Aaron Nesmith - Rookie (15th overall I think) wing shooter who was billed as the best shooter in the draft. Hasn’t been able to find much playing time this season due to defensive lapses bIt projects to be a very good catch and shoot guy who’s long and athletic enough to contribute positively on defense once he adjusts to the NBA. He was hurt by COVID as much or more than any other rookie. He was only in college for 2 seasons but his 2nd year was cut short in January due to a foot injury. And then with no summer league and almost no training camp and essentially no practice time, it’s been a very tough transition for a guy who’d only played like 50 games post high school. It also doesn’t help that the Celtics see themselves as contenders and our coach has never had a long leash for defensive mistakes. This has seriously hampered him getting consistent minutes to work through his struggles. That’s said, even in just his limited time this year, from his first appearance until now he’s looked 10x more comfortable and therefore a lot better. So more or less my point is that you can’t really trust his stats from this year just from almost no sample size and not being given consistent minutes.

So with this said what would it take to get Barnes? If you guys would have any interest at all? Think a fair trade would be Barnes for a 2021 first + Grant Williams & Teague. What do you think tho? Celtics are also normally good about bringing in 3rd teams if you think something could be arranged.

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