Kings get NO Love!!

Trade deadline has passed and the Kings made some changes to the roster. Joseph, Bjelica, Parker are gone and the Kings did a paid for favor for the Clippers. So what I see is...

Joseph... Backup point guard who has had nights with no points who, if the Kings would have kept him, would cost $12.5+m next year, is gone. Wright who is said to be a better scorer for $8.5m next year. That would be a savings, and maybe an improvement.

Bjelica.... Power forward, who was upset and sat out games because he didn't start and wanted out. Became Silva PF and Harkless SF/G, all of them are on the last year of their contracts. So more vets who might want to play for a contract next year.

Parker... At one time looked like a star, but sports takes no prisoners. He didn't play much for the Kings. Became Davis a SG. Yes there are some character issues off court in question, but a player that can play.

The favor... A trade for a player with enough cash to pay their salary, to help with the Clipper's cap nets a 2 round pick, if no other trades happen then the Kings have another PF or we can waive at no cost.

Kings lost none of its true core players

Now has a back up unit of Wright/PG, Davis/SG, Harkless/SF, Silva/PF and Metu or Whiteside.

Yes this is not adding an "all star" but maybe it's a better bench. That too can win games.

McNair is moving forward and not selling the farm to do so, But the media again that shows No Love for the Kings. Is saying that the Kings should have traded for young players and draft picks. An NBA team can be too young.

My hope is the Kings win more games with a better bench and just maybe the Kings find another player or two in what we now have.

Just go win more games... Kings.

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