McNair: Do You Care?

Ok, after a month the Kings have shown "nothing." Lose nine in a row again. No improvement! I am not one for teaching to tank, so draft picks don't mean that much to me, as the Kings have repeatedly shown they are not good at them anyway. Let's be honest, Tyrese fell into the Kings hands; he should of been picked sooner. Finish the season playing to win and let's see what kind of young talent the Kings have. Fox and Barnes should see limited time.

The time is for you (McNair) to make major changes. Yes, coaches. Walton now has had 5 years as a head coach in the NBA and not one has been a winning season, and after a 49 point loss, two nine game losing streaks, and last in defense, something is a miss. Who cares what, but when I mean change coaches, I mean all of them--just clean house. Sometimes it's just better to start over. Let the new coach pick everyone, NO fan favorites, all new.

As for players: Fox, Haliburton and Barnes are the only core players on contract to my knowledge

I would want to keep: Holmes, Harkless and Wright

I want to see more of: Woodard, Ramsey, Metu, Jones, James and Davis

I would look to trade: Hield,and Bagley

I would not resign: Guy and Whiteside

Reason to trade Hield and Bagley are contract costs and defense. Also I see Haliburton as the starter and Hield is not going to want to come off the bench. Bagley is just not improving for a ton of reasons.

Jones and Metu are young players for the bench unit. James is a low-cost player who needs to see more time. I have not seen Ramsey or Woodard enough, and I am not sure about Davis.

McNair, you wanted to see what and who the Kings are. Well, the now 15 years of missing the playoffs Kings team has shown you.

McNair, it is time for you to show us--stay the same or change.

Or do you care?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)