We have seen this before!

The Kings miss the playoffs again... So what, fire the coaching staff again, change the GM again, hell sell the team to the new Barkley, James sports group. That is what we are going to hear for another off season. We have seen this before! Yes, Carmichael Dave will blow up the coaching staff and GM and the owner again; talk about trades and new coaches and this guy or that guy would be better. We have seen this before!

I have even said a new coaching staff is needed. But that was before Fox made his statement about Walton. We have seen this before! Didn't DMC state he backed Malone and the Kings fired Malone and all hell broke loose.

Isn't that what the Kings do! We have seen this before! I don't want to see that again!

So maybe the Kings should not do that again. Maybe they should listen to their best player, keep the coaching staff, let McNair make changes to the roster, and talk about the positive parts of the Kings, how some new players have shown to be good additions to the roster and how they might fit better. This is a young team, there is young talent and it will take time and patience for them to grow and become a winning team.

We have never seen that before!

Stop the same old crap and get out of the Kings rut. We have seen this before!

On to next year.

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